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Golden Bowl

Bill E's review:

Went to see THE GOLDEN BOWL today with my neighbor John KItrell. It was very good, a typical Merchant-Ivory film. The problem I believe is with the fact that this movie does not draw you into it as well as the more recent of their films, but that does not mean that it is a bomb.

I'd much rather see Merchant - Ivory on an off day than most of the rest of what is being produced in recent years. I suppose it's just that they have raised such a high bar of expectation for their work that if they are just GOOD, the critics are crestfallen, and start blasting away. I was not disappointed, but then I was not WOWed either.

I can't remember the male lead's name, the Italian Prince, he was also in the Proust thing last year.

Handsome in a very aristocratic way, with a full beard. Nick Nolte's performance seems a bit shaky at first but is finely honed by the end.

Una Thurman holds her own quite well as the leading lady Charlotte. She is quite good at showing the correct emotions intended, especially when the dialog is going the other way, (is in plot twists).

The sets (or I should say location shots) and costumes are fabulous, and the cinematography sumptuous, without overshadowing the story. I would give it a good B+ rating, not exactly top notch all around, but a very good film and worth the time and money to see it.



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