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Looking back over May I find that it was a fun packed month full of all kinds of activities & entertainment. The weather was very nice with a few mini-heat waves. It even reached 101 degrees in SF. Terry left for 6 months in the UK. Many of my constant companions seem to be leaving town but nature abhors a vacuum so I think I'll be all right.


The opening of Crissy Field. I went with Bill H & Mark F. The weather was spectacular & the Bay & Bridge never looked lovelier. There were thousands of beautiful people, kite flying & an exciting 1920's Air Show. Afterwards we went to the Presidio now a public park & had a Russian lunch at the Officer's Quarters. I had piroshki. Then I did the Russian Treasures Exhibit. An impressive collection of art, costume, jewelry etc. Telling the story of Russian trade in Alaska in the 19th century. I paid my second recent visit to Sacramento. Vic B drove me up & I came back by bus. We visited the Capitol Gardens. Beautiful roses & impressive statues. We also went on a great garden & house tour. It is a nice place to visit.

Mark F was an official walker in the Bay to Breakers race. He asked me to join him. I left the house at 8 am. Found a bench in Golden Gate Park & watched the colourful runners for nearly an hour. 70,000 people took part so there were lots of sights to be seen. Costumes & nudity. Mark showed up about 9.30 & I walked with him through the park to the ocean. It was sunny but still cool. The park looked lovely with its trees, lakes, waterfalls & flowering shrubs. We crossed the finishing line at 11 am.

That afternoon I went with Ken S to the Oakland Greek Festival. So it was a full day. The weather was now very hot with a cloudless sky. It was an exciting event with dancing, music & lots of tasty Greek food in a spectacular setting high above Oakland & the Bay. The nearby Mormon Temple looked lovely too with beautiful flower beds & great views. I enjoyed mousakka & a Greek salad.

Managed to persuade Terry & Bill T to join me in going to the Himalayan Fair held in Berkeley's Live Oak Park. It is, of course, a very colourful fair with lots of beautiful materials for sale & equally colourful food. It is a pretty park with old trees & a stream. The surrounding area is almost British with Victorian houses & cottage gardens overflowing with flowers but nothing very formal. We did hear lots of British accents at the fair.

Went with Dixie to the Asian Art Museum to see a "Tao" exhibit.

Afterwards we walked through the Arboretum which was looking at its best with all the Spring blooms. We ended up on the other side of the Park just by the restaurant we wanted to try.


Park Chow. A popular trendy Italian place with open air seating back & front. We sat inside & enjoyed a fire place. I had a grilled salmon sandwich with french fries. It was a full plate full of good food.

Bangkok 16. Written up as maybe the best Thai place in SF. I wouldn't go that far. It has a lot of competition. But it is quite good with a pretty pink decor & fresh flowers. It could be the gayest restaurant in SF.

Harvey's. A new casual restaurant on Polk St near the Cable Car. They also have a branch on Castro St. Went with Bill T & had an excellent chicken, artichoke & pasta dish. They have a lot of good brunch items.

Cleopatra. An Egyptian spot way out in the Avenues. Bill H & I were the only customers. Bill lectured the owner on how to improve his business. He took it very well. We had the combination plate & baklava. It was fair.

While in Sacramento I ate at Lyons, Applebees, Carrows, & Eppies. All great coffee shop chains that we no longer have in SF. I am really going to miss Lyons although it had gone terribly downhill.


A Knight's Tale. A free preview. A well made action movie which starts off like a Mel Brooks comedy & ends up more like Ridley Scott. Rufus Sewell is an effective villain. I would recommend it.

Himalaya. A brilliant film that would have won the Oscar for best foreign film in any other year. A realistic account of nomadic tribes in Tibet & Nepal. Incredible thrills & convincing non-actors.

Tailor of Panama. I always enjoy films that are windows on another world. This is a fairly lighted hearted spy thriller with Pierce Brosnan, Geoffrey Rush & Harold Pinter. Very funny scene in a gay disco.

Pollock. Not a happy story but a compelling one. Excellent acting & amazing detail work. Every frame was a work of art. Ed Harris shines as both actor & director. Didn't convert me to Modern Art.


Le Parc. The Paris Opera Ballet. Didn't like this much at all despite music by Mozart & gorgeous period costumes. It is a very modern ballet. Looked most like John Cleese's Silly Walks. Plus horrible modern music. Ugly sets.

Dirty Blonde. A very clever play about the life of Mae West & 2 of her biggest fans. A 3 person cast play many roles. Well staged & acted. Good reviews but it didn't please everybody.

Cabaret. The new revival back for a second visit with 2 new stars. Was lucky to get half price tickets. It still holds up as an exciting sexy show. Andrea McCardle the original "Annie" starred. She has grown up into a major star.

The Importance of Being Earnest. A charming college production with impressive sets, museum quality furniture, & attractive costumes. It was exceptionally well cast especially Algernon & Lady Bracknell who was played a la Patricia Routledge. She seemed about to sing at any moment. Even the servants without lines managed to add a lot to the play. Algernon was one of the prettiest male actors I have ever seen!

The Most Fabulous Story... A satiric re-telling of the Old Testament & Modern Life. Clever ideas but a little too scattered in a not tight enough production. Several good performances & some very funny lines. The 2 leads Adam & Steve were very cute & appeared totally nude.

All for now.



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