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Julie Andrewa in Atlanta

"I can report that Miss Andrews was a sheer delight! The audience was packed and gave her a standing ovation when she first appeared. The presetation opened with a brief film with clips of most of her major movie roles, double exposed over scenes of her singing her most famous songs, then the film became a bit nostalgic with clips of her youth to the strains of "Something Good" from the Sound of Music, and ended with "Crazy World" from Victor/Victoria.

She wore a simple black pant suit with a white scarf about the neck, nothing fancy. She looked radient, and spoke beautifully. She told stories of her early childhood and how she got into show business, continuing with her stint in The Boyfriend, then My Fair Lady, Camelot, and when Walt Disney asked her to do Mary Poppins.

She seemed to have a lot of fond memories of Walt. She even had lovely things to say about Tony Walton, adding that although he was from the same hometown, Walton on Thames, that the town was not named for his family. She mentioned her work , just recently, on three new films, two of which are due out next fall. She also talked about her charity work over the years and how much it has meant to her.

All of this was interwoven with various tidbits of humor and was followed by a question and answer session, with questions submitted in writing before hand. Most questions were typical: who was your favorite leading man, which was your favorite film, etc. She did tell a few anicdotes that were quite funny including one wild night in a hotel hallway with Carol Burnett. They were waiting for Mike Nichols to come up in the elevator and had posed in a wild lesbian kiss, only to have the door open filled with people who just starred and waited for the doors to close.

She recieved another standing ovation upon leaving with one curtain call. The audience was very "politely" enthusiastic and seemed very pleased with the evening. (tickets were $40.00 to $50.00 each) (Symphony Hall holds about 3500 people)



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