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Movie Review: "A Passage To India" by Mark

This was the great director David Lean's last movie (it was made in 1984) and, while it may not reach the level of greatness of some of his other films, it is a very distinguished effort nonetheless. The story was adapted by Lean from the E.M. Foerster novel.(Lean also edited the film.) The movie, beautifully filmed at Indian locations is a rich and colorful brew, a tale of the clash of two cultures, but with a happy ending. While an indictment of British colonialism and racism, several of the British characters are very sympathetic. The acting is first rate all around, especially the performance by the late Peggy Ashcroft, who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Others in the cast include James Fox and Judy Davis. Foerster refused to allow his book to be filmed while he was alive, fearing it wouldn't be done well. Well, it has been done exceedingly well. The only disappointment is Maurice Jarre's odd musical score, which won an Oscar for some strange reason. The DVD is very nicely done, but the "extras" are disappointing. About all we get are a few brief excerpts from an interview with David Lean. Still, don't miss this one.

Winner: Best Picture, New York Film Critics and

National Board Of Review.

My Rating: 4 stars



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