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The Philosopher's Diet

Dear Reader,

I could stand to lose twenty pounds. This is what Richard Watson has to say about that: "You know that to take off 20 pounds and keep them off you must change your life. It may be the hardest thing you ever do." Now Watson is a man whose wisdom I respect; he is a Descartes scholar, an accomplished spelunker, a writer of notable grace, and -- despite being a philosophy professor and a man who spends his off-hours crawling through caves -- one who has mastered the stubborn lessons of common sense. So, as you reach for your bathing suit, you may want to pick up a copy of "The Philosopher's Diet" too. Those seeking guidance in shedding weight will find it, while those pursuing higher truths will also find nourishment. It tops this week's list of recommended titles, which includes a newly reissued mystery series by Roger L. Simon, "Seventy Wonders of the Ancient World," a charming memoir of a visit to Imperial Russia and a way to carry them all -- the Common Reader totebag.

The Philosopher's Diet

The Common Reader totebag

It's simple, spacious, strong, secure, and elegant enough to be used on just about any occasion. The heavyweight black canvas is colorfully decorated with our fountain logo and our name, the straps are designed for easy carrying, and the top has a sturdy zipper.


"Through Wood and Dale: Diaries 1975-1978" by James Lees-Milne

James Lees-Milne was among the most celebrated of modern diarists; his published entries, spanning the years 1942-1978, offer an unparalleled social and cultural portrait of modern and historic Britain.

Also available: "Another Self": the author's narrative of his early life


"In Private Life"

Barbara Holland's caustic, comic account of her descent into the maelstrom of motherhood and housekeeping is a chronicle that anyone in the throes of raising a family is bound to relish.


"A Visit to St. Petersburg 1824-1825" by Cornelie de Wassenaer

At the age of thirteen the author had become the richest heiress in the Netherlands, and went on a ten-month visit to the Russian court of Emperor Alexander I. Her feelings of being out-of-place amid imperial splendor give her travel journal a notable charm.


"The Seventy Wonders of the Ancient World: The Great Monuments and How They Were Built" edited by Chris Scarre

Includes the elegant obelisks of Egypt and the enigmatic sculptures of Easter Island, the Colossal Buddha of Bamiyan and the Baths of Caracalla. A concentrated essay is devoted to each site, accompanied by photographs, diagrams, and drawings. Ideal for armchair archaeologists.


Private Detective Moses Wine mysteries by Roger L. Simon

LA Detective Moses Wine is just barely making ends meet, so when an old girlfriend asks him to track down the reclusive Howard Eppis, chairman of the Free Amerika Party, he can't really afford to say no -- even if it means getting mixed up in that dirtiest of all businesses, politics.

The Big Fix

Wild Turkey

Peking Duck



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