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From Ukraine

Nearly Easter again. This year Western and Eastern Easters coincide, the first time for 11 years. It was 11 years ago today that my Peter died.

Hard to believe that so much time has already passed, and still strange to realise that I have finally managed to put my life together again.

My Pyotr has gone to his home town for Easter. I desperately wanted to go as well, but transport and work schedules made it impossible. I'll mark it quietly at home, probably go to church at least once - today certainly, maybe tomorrow too. We will have a cold Easter this year. A couple of weeks of fine warm weather have given way to cold cloudy skies and rain.

Unhappily the heating season is due to end tomorrow. However, the complicated rules may allow the bureaucrats to keep it on for another couple of days. I certainly hope so, since we have no hot water at home at present. Hot and cold both went off yesterday. Cold resumed in the evening, but not hot so far.

On the positive side, spring is finally here - all the apricot trees are in flower, the horse-chestnuts are shoving forth leaves incredibly quickly, and the cold snap will soon be over. I'm due to visit UK for a week from 25 May, I expect the daffodils will all be over by then - one of the few things I miss about dear old Blighty. Hey-ho...



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