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The most unfair thing about life is the way it ends.

February usually brings a welcome break to San Francisco's winter weather with sun & flowers but this year it was often cold, wet & windy. But on Tues 27th it was a lovely warm sunny day with temps in the 70"s. So I met Terry at 2pm at the historic Ferry Building & boarded an historic streetcar. We got off at Pier 39 in order to view the annual Tulipmania display of thousands of tulips & other spring flowers. As always it was a colourful spectacle. The day being so clear the views were sensational.

Afterwards we strolled to Fisherman's Wharf past all kinds of fascinating street performers from Peruvian bands to Living Statues. Not to mention a Living Bush. There were thousands people about & it seemed more like Easter holidays than the start of Lent.

2 weeks earlier I had arranged to meet my friend Barbara at 1pm at the historic clock in the lobby of the St Francis hotel. A time honored tradition. I had worked at the book store with Barbara in the 60's. She had been involved in the making of the famous film "The Luminous Procuress". She went on to become a successful New York editor with titles on the NY Times Bestseller List. Now that her son is at University she has moved to a New England Coastal community.

At 1.30 pm we were joined by Francesca aka Pam for a smart lunch on Maiden Lane opposite the Frank Lloyd Wright building. Pam had been my main assistant at the book store. She was a bubbly blonde with brains & she hasn't changed at all. After lunch I gave Barbara a quick tour of the latest downtown attractions. The Garden Court, the SF Historical Museum, the MOMA, Yerba Buena gardens, Metreon, Marriot Hotel, Nordstroms etc. Then we took an historic trolley to Castro street. The theatre was playing "All About Eve". Checked out the many unique shops then took the Muni Metro back to Union Sq.

Later in the month I went back to the Yerba Buena Arts Centre for an exhibit of the works of Pierre et Gilles with my friend Ken S. I had been given a free pass. It was a dazzling show. Even the picture frames were sparkling works of art. The pictures themselves are a unique form of pop art combining photography & painting.often featuring pop personalties in surreal situations. Afterwards Ken took me out to dinner. So one freebie led to another.

Talking of freebies I saw 3 free films. 2 by invitation & one by winning a contest. I was one of only 2 winners.

"Nico & Dani" a Spanish coming of age movie. Well made but very slight with minimal acting.

"When Brendan Met Trudy". An Irish romantic comedy that was a lot of fun. Uptight school master meets free wheeling blonde & sparks ensue.

"Standing On Fishes" a small budget film with a couple of big TV stars. Kelsey Grammer & Jonathan Priestly. It was about la vie boheme a la LA. It didn't go anywhere but it had a few good moments.

Only one live show. The theatre scene is in the doldrums at the moment but quite a few good shows are coming up soon.

"Crazy For You" an adult amateur production at a Marin High School. It was ten out of ten for effort. They put so much into it I was exhausted but it was very enjoyable. Both the leads were bursting with talent. It is a show full of great numbers.

New Restaurants:

"Gaylord" an Indian place at the Embarcadero Centre. Quite upscale with very good food. Used an Ent. coupon. Enjoyed their lamb curry & muligatawny soup.

Presidio Golf Club. Newly opened in '99. Also upscale but fairly moderate. We were there for brunch. It is an impressive room with a brick fireplace complete with fire, much polished wood & french windows overlooking the course. There was also a jazz trio. I had the poached eggs, fresh spinach with roasted pepper hollandaise sauce. They also served an assortment of sweet breads.

"Mocca". A trendy downtown lunch spot. Very California Nouvelle Cuisine. I had a warm chicken sandwich on special bread with a green salad & gourmet coffee.

Other restaurants this month included old low priced favourites like the IHOP, Lorie's Diner & the Carousel. You can still get good meals very reasonably.

The climax of the month was a good strong SF Earthquake of 4.4. All the experts called it a sharp short jolt. And all the witnesses described it as a slow roll. Just before it happened I sent an e-mail saying I felt something strange in the air. Days later while I was thinking how these earthquakes always come in pairs which are not supposed to be connected the Seattle earthquake happened. So we were very lucky.



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