Through Two Peepers in Tune with the Times


The weather was mostly very good for the peak winter month. We did have 2 days of dramatic storms with lightening. Then later some showers from Alaska. But most days have been bright & sunny so I have been able to bask in the sun in my apt. We are still a third behind in our normal rainfall.


"Malena" a new film from the director of "Cinema Paradiso". Another coming of age movie set in Sicily during World War II. It is well acted & extremely well made. It reminded me of the great Italian films of the 50's.

"Chocolat" Tries to be a French film but doesn't quite succeed despite some good French actresses. I was expecting more of a romantic romp but it is semi-sweet chocolate. It succeeds as a parable for our times. A political leader cloaks his lack of humanity with sanctimonious attitudes. Nice to see Judi Dench & Leslie Caron.


"Tallulah" A one woman performance which isn't quite a play. Kathleen Turner makes a meal out of the role but leaves the audience hungry for something more satisfying.

"Serial Murderess" another one woman performance & this one is 3 plays in one. Amanda Moody plays 3 different women of 3 different nationalities giving us drama, comedy & tragedy. A true tour de force.

Ethnic Dance Festival Auditions. For a can of food or $5 we got 2 hours of non-stop dance groups in colourful costumes. It seemed better than previous years because they were given enough time to do 3 full numbers. My two favourites were a Polynesian group & an Aztec group from Sacramento University. But there wasn't a dud in the group. It will be difficult to pick 30 out of over a hundred. The auditions last 4 days.


Italian. Cozzolini. With Bill H. A charming neighbourhood spot with authentic food & atmosphere.

French. Boulangerie. With Dixie. A new trendy lunch spot on Polk St. I enjoyed an open faced smoked salmon sandwich on great bread with salad & French coffee.

British. Piccadilly Fish & Chips. With Shirley. The first in a longtime. Very fresh & made to order. Tasted like the real thing.

American. Mel's Diner. With Bill T. A brand new branch of this popular chain. I had Shepherd's Pie. It was very un-authentic but tasty & wholesome. The mashed potato had not been baked with the other ingredients.



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