"Why Young Men"

By Hillman Minx

Why am I attracted to young men? Not only has the question been posed to me, but I've even asked myself the question. And I believe that at long last I've come up with an ansewer if not the answer.

Even though I am 77 years old I still perceive myself as a young man. In fact when I'm talking to myself (yep, I do that quite often) I address myself as "boy." When I look at pictures of myself taken in my youth I envision myself as looking like that even now. In fact I've often said there is really a young man encased within this 77 year old body.

I believe that as I have a close encounter with a young man and as I probe that lithe smooth body I fancy that it becomes almost an infusion of theirs into mine. When I am with a group of young men I feel that I am one of them. Ignoring reality I actually become one of them.

When I was a youth I associated only with my peers (old men begone) I cavorted one on one and found pleasure in the unity I found with them. I fear that that feeling did not mature with maturity. I still seek the solace of a young mans body pressed to mine. those tender lips locked to mine. Enjoying the unity of body and spirit.

But the best part of it is that there are young men (perhaps even reading this) that are attracted to the mature as I am attracted to them. The age difference is completely forgotten as the unity of old and young becomes as one. Something that this old man relishes more than I can convey. What do you think? More to come!

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