"Three's A Crowd? Not Necessarily!"

By Hillman Minx

There was a young man named David. I picked him up hitchhiking home from college one day. It didn't take me long to propose a sexual encounter, and he willingly succumbed. In fact it almost became a habit in the weeks and months that followed.

At the time I owned a business downtown, but after a messy divorce I decided to close shop and spend my time at my condominium moping and feeling sorry for myself.

One evening the doorbell rang and guess what? There stood David with his new wife. I invited them in, somewhat surprised. It wasn't long until David's wife excused herself and went to the bathroom. She had no sooner left the room when David said, "Do you want to fuck my wife?" Well, taken somewhat aback, I hesitated just a moment and replied that the prospect was inviting. He suggested that it would be a three-way. They went up the stairs to a bedroom and prepared for the orgy, I followed after a short time.

In fact, they had no sooner left than I threw off my clothes and headed toward the inevitable. There they were giving each other head. I spied the unused pussy and proceeded to go down it first. Then I decided to enter that zone with my very erect penis. After a bit I dismounted and David took my place. But now there was that beautiful ass of his looking me squarely in the eye, so I decided to mount it even while he was penetrating her in the usual way. Well, we were twisting and turning every which way when the door bell rang.

When I opened the door there stood a young man who lived several apartments down. He used to come over to watch TV with me. I suppose that it was my eventual intent to seduce him, but I hadn't gotten around to it yet. I invited him to sit down, and explained that I was talking to a couple of friends upstairs. I then returned to the cavorting twosome.

I asked, "What shall we do?" David quickly answered, "invite him up." So in a loud voice I called from him to come upstairs. As he entered the room there was his startled, "My God whaaa…" Whereupon we invited him to disrobe and join us.

Well, this ecstatic threesome became a fucking foursome. We excitedly performed our hetro and homosexual acts with abandon. In fact, I was quite amazed to see that our new partner (though a very young man) was in the whole thing wholeheartedly, seemingly unconscious of the gender of his interest at the moment. What an evening that turned out to be!

But all good things must come to an end, as did this evening of debauchery. But for a couple of years afterwards we met for three-ways frequently, and sometimes even fourways when we could find a suitable subject.

Then the couple moved, and those happenings departed with them. But every now and then, decades later, I still remember with pleasure every convoluted move we made on those evening of sexual abandonment.

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