By Hillman Minx

I've always hated that word, it's always made me cringe, "cocksucker." what a put down. As a child way before there was any concept of the meaning of the word I heard children calling each other that epithet. In my early days I couldn't even conceive of any one performing that filthy act on another.

It wasn't until I was about seventeen or eighteen, and hitchhiking home from school that a dirty old man (actually he was a young man just a bit older than me) picked me up and suggested that he do that to me. As appalled as I was there was also a certain curiosity. What would it feel like? Would I like it? Although I was deeply religious and striving not to commit a sin that would cause heaven to revulse, I decided, "what the hell."

We drove off into a field, and he unzipped my trousers, and buried his head in my clothed crotch. He soon discovered my rapidly swelling penis through the zipper, and began manipulating it with his mouth in a circular motion while moving his head up and down. What ecstasy! I began to undulate a bit to enhance the feeling when all of a sudden (and much to quickly) I began to ejaculate. Surely he would remove his head so that that stuff wouldn't penetrate his throat, but no, he began to even more voraciously suck--I had to push his head off mine for after I came it was uncomfortably sensitive.

Well, after that initial experience I hoped every time I hitchhiked that someone would suggest the same. And, as I recall these many years later, I believe that it happened more often than one would expect. I loved the experience more than I can describe. Then one time a more aggressive male tried to force my head down on his penis. I was revolted, and struggled to free myself. I was always willing to have mine treated in that manner, but I absolutely fought and won the battle over doing it myself.

In the years that followed I matured, became an adult, even married, and I still was always seeking another male to suck me off. Except for the several times I mentioned I never reciprocated. I told myself, and vehemently resisted being (even in my own mind), a cocksucker. It was OK if that's what they wanted, but me--never!

When I was about forty years old. Indulging frequently in mutual masturbation, jacking off my partner, and being sucked off myself. I thought one day. I don't have a thing against the act. It's that damn word that stops me.

Well, then and there I stopped fighting it. I stooped to my partners crotch and began sucking. When he neared orgasm I did not falter, I intensified my sucking and had a throat full of cum. Of course that was before aids, now I wouldn't think of doing it without a condom. It was a bit shocking at first, but I soon got used to it. Even waited expectantly for that delivery of semen and sperm. Even though the onset of AIDS makes such a conclusion impossible, it still lingers in my memory as one of the sexual pleasures.

Well almost forty years have passed since I became one myself--a COCKSUCKER. I've never regretted it, in fact I've honed my skill at it, and now I never shy away from the word or the act. I am, proudly, a BONA-FIDE COCKSUCKER.

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