"Pontificating with Pride"

By Hillman Minx

Gosh, maybe I shouldn't even be writing this, but it is something that has been on my simple mind for some time. As I puruse the lists each day I am struck with the topics that are being heatedly discussed. They remind me of the old debate of, "how many angels can occupy the head of a pin."

It makes me wonder how many of the "pontificators" are engaging in these lofty topics as a means of displaying their intellectual bent. I am sure that there are issues that should be addressed if we are to keep pace with our place in society. However, sometimes it seems to me that we beat dead horses in our quest for expressing our most erudite of platitudes.

I am sure that it is possible that I am missing the point. Perhaps I'm even expressing thoughts that are at juxtaposition with our exalted leader, The Boxer himself. But I always believed that such a list as ours is for light communication--a time to exchange chit chat of a trivial nature. A time to love and be loved. But it seems to me that the opposite is true of most of the postings so far. Well, I'm sure that this little tirade of mine will fall on deaf ears, that my posting will be consigned to the "trash bin" but there, I said it, and I'm glad.

I've always admitted that while others are practicing DEEP I'm busy practicing SHALLOW. So I will close with my personal but unpopular admonition, borrowed from White House lingo, "keep it simple stupid!"


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