"Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures"

By Hillman Minx

All I can say is, "I'd never do that!" What, take off my clothes and let somebody take pictures of my ugly nude frame. No way Jose! Well, maybe I'd let you take one if you promised not to let anyone else see it. What, more than one? Oh well, what the hell, no one else is going to see them just you and me. WHAT, you want to post them in the Silverfoxes Locker Room. Absolutely and unequivocally NO! On second thought, I'd let you do it if you blotted out my face so that none of my straight friends would recognize the subject. But, why would you even want to, no one would be attracted to them, I'm sure! You say you've already posted them? Why on earth did you do that? Oh well, no one will probably look at them anyway, I give up. You say the response to them as been spectacular? Why on earth? Don't tell me you want to take a second series. I just couldn't go for that. Oh well, if you insist. What kind of title is that: "Hilly's on His Way." Oh hell, I give up, do it if you want to and let the chips fall where they may.

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