Essay: Nudity, How Disgusting

What's all this nudity on the internet? Who would be interested in seeing this stuff? What is this world coming to? Old men cavorting in the buff, how disgusting!

Those have been my sentiments as I've come across these nude offerings. I certainly wouldn't want to parad e my 77 year old body with all its flaws for general consumption. It's bad enough to be 77, and in my dressing room with the full length mirrors to see my disgusting frame from top to bottom. No doubt about it, I wouldn't want to foist my figure on anyone--now would I?

I was complacent with these sentiments until last week when a friend happened by with a camera--he announced that he was going to immortalize my frame on the internet. Oh no you're not was my reply.

Oh what the hell! Maybe I'll let him take the pictures, but I don't have to release them for public consumption do I. Just for the fun of it shoot away friend! When the deed was done he convinced me that it would be a good thing to include them on Ben Boxer's Silverfoxes Locker Room page. Well, certainly against my better judgement, and with the assurance that my face would be out of focus I finally consented.

And voila it became a page in the internet, HILLY COMES OUT

I still think it's disgusting, but who am I to say? Now, as long as it's there, I suggest that you check it out for yourself. See if you think it's disgusting. Then let me know.

By the way, I did it, why don't you. It's as simple as taking some shots and contacting Ben Boxer for inclusion. Columbus took a chance, why shouldn't you. I did, and if I did, you can too!!!

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