"My Buddy Robin"

By Hillman Minx

Although we were of different sexes, and though we never consummated our friendship with sex, she and I shared some very, very erotic experiences. I've been rehashing them in my mind today and decided to share three of them with you, OK?

Robin was very young although very streetwise. She had married a bi man even before I met her, and he took off with someone else, so she was left alone to her own devices. We just hit it off perfectly, and as a result she was responsible for several of my own exciting memories-which I'm about to recount.

The first was my sharing with her that I was extremely voyeuristic. I asked if she would allow me to watch her having sex with her very attractive young man. She said, "Sure, no problem," and proceeded to set up this situation. I stripped nude as she and her partner did and I lay down beside them, almost feeling their excitement combined with my own. Wow, what a thrill to watch that lithe young man mount her frame, and I was ecstatic watching his ass bob up and down while they both panted and made love sounds.

Well, after a short while she shoved him off her. Then she said to me, "You've been watching us, now it's my turn, I want to watch you two." Her startled beau reluctantly presented his dick to be sucked, and at her further insistance, took my dick into his mouth. Well, needless to say, I was in seventh heaven and quickly ejaculated (in his mouth). Now, feeling that he had done his reluctant duty he resumed his position atop her until they both climaxed in a furor.

Another time that comes to mind is about a young married man with whom I had had jack-off sessions with ever since he was a teen. Although we never did anything to each other it was still a satisfying happenstance. One time he complained that he had married so young that he'd never dipped his stick into another hole. I determined then and there that I would help him overcome that limitation.

I asked Robin if she would like to feel that very, very large dick (I knew that he had a magnificent one) probing her innards. She eagerly replied, "Yes." My friend lived about 60 miles from us so I contrived a business trip to his city and took Robin along. I called his house from the outskirts. It was after suppertime. I asked if he could get out for a spell. He very fearfully broached the subject to his wife, saying that he had some unfinished business at school (he was a high school principal). He arrived and led Robin and I into the nurses office where there was a couch. He proceeded to disrobe and then mounted Robin. It was a distinct thrill to watch my friend (for whom I had long had the hots myself) in a real life situation. I hovered above them and proceeded to lick his ass while he was fucking. He didn't seem to mind, for he continued without interruption, perhaps with even more gusto. At the end of that session I felt very smug in that I had helped my friend try something different (to say nothing of my delight at participation.)

The third event about which I wish to share is that Robin had two teen-aged brothers. She was into "hustling" herself, when the opportunity afforded, and she worried that her brothers would not know how to go about it if they decided to put their own bodies on the block. Almost hesitantly she asked if I would consent to show them the ropes. One by one of course. Well, is the pope catholic? Of course one lesson for each was not enough. We had to do it over and over again. Each time they became a little more enthusiastic. So, not one, but two from the same family. God, I wish they were still around, for I could joyously accommodate them both right now.

That's about all I have to share about Robin. I wish you a happy time rehearsing my adventures in the privacy of your own home

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