"Once Upon A Time--It Happened To Me"

By Hillman Minx

It happened so long ago yet I remember it so vividly--and now I share it with you.

Through a friend I learned of a nymphomaniac that wanted to view some of my film collection. This was before videos and I had a handsome collection of hetro films and an 8 mm projector to display them on.

When I agreed to show her some films I asked what I would get in return. She sweetly replied that she was the recompense, and not only that, but if I had some friends who would like to share she would be perfectly amenable.

Well at that time I owned a print shop and had several young single men as employees. I suggested to them that they might like to join us in an evening of debauchery. They all eagerly agreed. In fact a couple of them had a friend or a brother who would be delighted to be included also.

For the first time I rented a motel room where we all met. All of the participants (I believe there were eight of us) stripped down and sat around on the floor drinking Red Mountain wine. When she arrived she stripped down and lay on the bed. By that time we were feeling the effects of our drinking. One by one the boys climbed on her and proceeded to indulge themselves of her wares. She was about 45 but very very well preserved. She was the manager of the housewares section in the local Macys. Therefore she was well kept, and very desirable even at 45.

This was a time of absolute heaven for me, for only one of the boys was aware of my proclivities (we had participated in a homosexual adventure--there's more to that story that I will share at a later date). I had had fantasies about my employees, but certainly never expressed them. And to see them nude, and sexually aroused, and even to watch their demeanor as they passionately fucked Vi was a sexual experience in itself. Then when they all had their share I was absolutely raging within and I then climbed on. She whispered in my ear, "I've been waiting for you." That was a thrilling aside to the very erotic situation.

Imagine if you will eight of us venting our passions on one very responsive lady. Then, as if that were not enough each of us repeated our performance. Which means that she was actually fucked 16 times that evening.

After exchanging congratulations, handshakes and a kiss for Vi the group departed for their various destinations.

Over the next year we repeated these sessions about eight times. Each time some were unable to attend and others took their place so we always had at least seven or eight participants. Instead of a motel room I began to use my print shops private office. It was beautifully carpeted and I moved the furniture out of the way. I had two music speakers in the ceiling, and we burned candles to make it a more exotic setting. All of us would strip nude and sit around in a circle. There was no bed to impair our view, and we were near enough to the actual fuckers that we could touch them in action, and some did. I even managed to do a little horseplay with the nude participants myself which was not interpreted by anyone but me as homosexual. In fact, later on I had sex with three of the regular participants as a result of the freedom that was engendered during these sessions.

As with everything, all good thiings come to an end. Vi had a stroke and her doctor forbad her to participate in sexual escapades. She reluctantly closed the door to our excitements. But I have to tell you, fucking Vi was the least of my enjoyment on those occasions. I reveled in the vicarious sharing of each of those young guys passionate action. To see their nude bodies and their incessant hard-ons and passionate expressions was a total turn on to me. And as I said, it lead to three homosexual encounters later.

Well that concludes this telling of a tale that is still vivid in my memory though it happened almost thirty years ago. I am a very voyeristic person, and those experiences fed the flame of that characteristic. I will never forget it.

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