"Fountain of Affection"

By Hillman Minx

Isn't it great fellas ... here we are in the sunset years of our life, so to speak, and there is still a group of young men who appreciate what we have to offer, and give us love in return. Whereas we once felt that it was completely over for us, that we were consigned to the sidelines, we have discovered a new reason for living, for hope, for satisfaction. Isn't that great?

And you young men who want something more than more youthfulness, who have turned to the older and wiser for guidance, for companionship, for love. While you are offering new hope to those oldsters, you are finding a satisfaction that you have not had before, from those who have gone through what you are going through now, and are willing to share that experience, along with the fountain of affection and understanding that they so abundantly hold in store.

It's a brand new world for both. It opens new vistas of hope and satisfaction. Aren't we all fortunate to have found each other?

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