"A Discourse on Flaming"

By Hillman Minx

Until just recently the only way that I heard the word "flaming" used, was to describe a person who was just too much! In fact we used to describe an effeminatly flamboyant one as a "flaming queen."

But since I've become an internet hibitue I've discovered that there is a designation that means a good deal more than describing a certain person.

I have also discovered that in its internet definition it is usually a vicious rejoinder to another's posting.

Now I've never experienced a flaming myself, (knock on wood) but I've read a number, and have never been anything but disgusted that a mature poster would stoop to undermine anothers written efforts by such a negative posting.

In the first place, any dissenting opinion, if a censure is considered appropriate, should be reserved for the one who expressed the original opinion. It's not in the province of the other members of the list under any circumstance.

However, I have a very sound suggestion as regards flaming. It superceeds the previous suggestion. Flaming has no place on this list of (don't we call them) mature men. If we cannot be informative, or friendly, we should save our vitriol for another medium.

In the words of a momemtarily notorious "flame" "Why can't we all get along?"

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