"Dickie Doesn't Function Anymore!"

By Hillman Minx

First, let me begin by saying that this is a very embarrassing topic. Especially when it involves moi. But I suppose I should just plunge in-I can't get a hard-on anymore!

It wasn't a gradual thing, it just happened that one day I did and the next day I didn't! I have a suspicion that a lot of you oldies (like myself) out there in cyberland are going through the same discouraging experience. Why even ex-senator Bob Dole seems to be having similar problems as he openly confesses on national TV. Although he describes it more delicately, he calls it "erectile disfunction." But whatever you call it, it still remains the same annoying and quite inconvenient reality that eventually befalls all mankind. If you don't believe me, just wait and see for yourself!

A few months ago I had a house-guest. He was, as I would call him (but certainly not to his face), a voracious and skillful cocksucker. Every day of his visit he'd settle down there and give it a go. In fact, he usually lingered at the task for forty or forty-five minutes. I must admit that even though he didn't obtain the obejective he sought, it did feel mighty good to me. He even said that it was satisfactorily enjoyable to him. But after a season he"d give up in disbelief and discouragement at the unfinished business.

Now there is something that has come on the market recently. I believe they call it Viagra. It is guaranteed to accomplish what raw nature is failing to do. I guess that it even works for some (although it doesn't seem to for me). I did get a sample from my personal physician. I suppose that I'll just have to content myself with my memories, and possibly, on rare occasions,
a successful hand job accomplished on a half-hard penis.

Damn, I wish it were different, but when reality sets in you either accept it … or I just don't know what.

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