"I can't believe it!"

By Hillman Minx

I can't believe it ... here I am two weeks from being seventy-seven. My youthful look has long disappeared, my git up and go has got up and went, and I am no longer able to hold my own in the world of snaring a desirable partner. Reluctantly I have consigned myself to memories of when, and an occasional gay flick to rekindle a substitute feeling for the ones that were so vivid long ago. Who on earth would want to pair up with a pot bellied wrinkled old man whose days are numbered? And then I discovered SILVER FOXES. Is it possible that there are desireous young ones who are actually interested in the likes of me? Well, in just a short time life has taken on a new meaning. I am responding to the likes of those that I had felt were unattainable at my stage of the game. I am finding that what I have is what they're looking for. What a miracle.

Maybe you too are fading fast and feeling unwanted. Maybe your git up and go has got up and went. I am writing this little note to encourage you. It's not all over for you! You can find yourself on the cutting edge of a new dimension for your life's direction. You can be loved by a longed-for lover. You can establish contacts and even relationships that will prove to be just as satisfying as the ones you had so long ago lost.

If I can, you can ... come join the party!

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