"I Almost Feel Young Again"

By Hillman Minx

I find it very satisfying to share some of my experiences and thoughts with others, for whatever good can result, so here's another.

The first is that I never thought that an old man could ever "appeal" again! Youth is such a precious thing. When we are young we never realize that our physical features and beauty is that appealing to others. As Kipling so aptly put it in another context, considering youth and old age, "Never the twain shall meet." But is that really true? I certainly believed it so, but after recent discoveries I've realized that in many cases "The twain shall meet." I've received literally hundreds of e-mails complimenting my written offerings, and attesting to the fact that there is a segment of the population which actually finds disparity of age appealing.

In my musings I have recounted experiences long gone. I believed that they would never happen again. Though in the past years that I've been scouting the computer sites, I've received hundreds of e-mails to the contrary. I've consigned them to the cyber space from which they came. I never, never thought I'd find any more than a written accolade. Then one day, out of the blue, there was a plaintive note from a 19 year old that caught my attention and interest.

As surprising to me as it was, and that I was old enough to be, not his grandfather, but his great grandfather, there began an exchange of friendly notes which soon became affectionate. Later even spoke of love. I still wasn't sure where it would all lead. We began an almost daily correspondence, and each time he spoke of the eventuality of a personal visit (he lived 300 miles from my home). But still neither of us thought that it would eventually happen.

Imagine my shock and surprise one day, there stood Billy, in the flesh, at my front door. At first it didn't even dawn on me that it was really him. I even hesitated momentarily before I invited him in. But then we fell into each others arms in what could be called a passionate embrace.

The next two days became a little heaven on earth. But the time came for him to reluctantly return home. However, there were fervid assurances that we would meet again as soon as possible.

It wasn't long before he arrived again. An even deeper communion grew between us. By then we were sure that nothing could keep us from being together regularly. On one of his visits we even allowed Ben to take pictures of us for posting on his site.

Neither of us knows what the final outcome will be. Neither of us can foresee our futures either apart or together. But I am recounting this comparatively new experience as an encouragement for those of you who still long for and seek an exchange of actual tenderness with another. If it can happen to us, there is absolutely no reason that it can't happen to you. There is someone for everyone as a philosopher has penned. I trust that you do find that one, and that it will be as satisfying as this experience has been and is for us. Happy hunting--and fulfillment. Life is too short to be lonely.


Since the writing of this essay Bill and I are now together, right here at my home, and building a satisfying life future for us as long as it is possible. Just another reason why you must take encouragement for your own life. There really is someone out there especially for you. Here's hoping you find that fulfillment soon.

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