Benvenuto alla Galleria dello Zio Polipo!
Welcome to the Gallery of "Uncle Octopus"!

Picture of the Month: June 1999

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As in his magnificent drawings, let Zio Polipo speak for himself:

I live in Milan, where I was born 54 years ago, during the last year of World War II. As a painter I'm semi-professional and have had a few exhibitions. I make mainly "chubby-art" because I love fat guys - so to draw is a real pleasure. I was for some years secretary of a Girth & Mirth club here in Milan. Now I'm a member of Girth & Mirth in Belgium. My chubby drawings appear in Fat Angel Times (European magazine-bulletin) and formerly were published in Magnum News and in Orsi Italiani here in Italy and in Grandes Amigos, the magazine of the Spanish club, Gorditos. At present, I'm also guest artist of a bear mag in Arkansas, Sugar Bear Den, and some more chubbies of mine are visible here and there on the Web. I love the EBMC - the European Convergence of Big Men. I enjoy the company of my friends, and some of them are visible only at the convergences. I'm going to one soon, where I hope to be really nasty!

My nickname, Zio Polipo, means "Uncle Octopus" - you can guess why! If you wish to know other things about this polar daddybear - for information or just for curiosity - please feel free to write and ask me!