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Let's go back in time to the Age of Enlightenment where we will meet the Abbé Abdiqué, an 18th-century cleric whose sexual adventures led him from a humble monastery in the South of France to the Court of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette through battlefields of the American Revolution to his day of judgment at the height of the French Revolution. Click on the French synbol of the Sun King, below!


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Listen in the comfort of one of Boxer's Booths, an inviting virtual cubicle where you can stretch out in privacy and let the juices flow. In Studly's words: "Let's shoot a few balls." Ben says, "Fire when ready!" (Studly is the virtual silver fox shown above at the snooker table, mascot at Ben Boxer's Silverfoxes Clubhouse and also in residence at the Snooker Club.) There are also sexy stories and silverfoxes/foxhunters romances to round out our "talking library."