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In Loving Memory

If roses are a gift from God,
What, then, is the thorn?
Is it a reminder that
We must be re-born
To touch the hem of Jesus' cloak
And live eternal life,
That we may smell the rose's scent
And rise above earth's strife?
Walk, then, in the garden now
And take Divine Love's hand
So that all together we
May meet in God's sweet land.

B M Morris

(Ben Boxer)

Ben Boxer's Silverfoxes Clubhouse

He will always be in my heart and from everyone that knew him.
Thank you for all the warm letters and support. -Ron

1#Rod#Rodmancs@aol.com--September 2nd 2001#Was shocked to learn of Ben's passing, it is a terrible loss to all his friends and fans!

Please accept my sincere condolences!

2#George Edwards#gfewwb@cwnet.com--September 2nd 2001#How sad to lose Mr. Boxer. So young and so vital.
I sincerely and arently hope that someone will keep up
the good work and what he has worked so far to give
so much to so many human beings.

3#Lozlo#lozlome@hotmail.com--September 2nd 2001#Hello,
It is with great sadness and deep regreat that I learned of the passing of Ben Boxer.
Though I never met him, Iknew him just the same. He was a
friend of mine. Ben was a beautiful person, he was the ultimate ambassador of good will.
My deepest sympathy and condolences to his family and

4#Robert Best#RB10@Sprintmail.com--September 3rd 2001#I wish to express my sincere condolences to you and Ben's
Family. Ben was a man that I
admired and felt that I got to know thru his site and the
many messages to others as well as the thoughtful stories that he occasionally sent along to all of us,
his many anonymous friends.

All of us that he touched will miss his dedication and the pleasure that that he always managed to send along over the net. Singing onto the net and collecting waiting messages was always something to look forward to.

We will surely miss his "Hee, hee's!"

5#Declan#jajabinks30@hotmail.com--September 3rd 2001#Deepest sympathies to Brockman, his family and friends. He will be fondly
remembered for his sterling work and for making lonely men like mysef very happy. Thinking of you all in your time of sadness.

6#Nils#Nils1935@aol.com--September 3rd 2001#Dear Ron, I hope this reaches you. My heart goes out to you on your--and our--loss. God bless you and bless dear BEN BOXER. Nils in Arizona.

7#Edward#eho01@alumni.poly.edu--September 3rd 2001#Hello Ron,

My deepest condolences to you on the passing of your partner, Brockman.
He was a wonderful individual and will be sorely missed by


8#Clem#clemnet@freemail.absa.co.za--September 3rd 2001#Dear Ron
The news of th death of Brock Morris has shocked and saddened me. I never met him personally but he was a good friend and he enriched
my life. When you were mentioned in anything that he wrote it was obvious that he appreciated you very much. I write to you to thank you for being there for him and for adding happiness to the last years of his life. I wish you much strength to carry on.

9#Michael Hoover#mhurst2@earthlink.net--September 3rd 2001#I was so very sorry to hear about Brokman's passing. Having lost my lover 4 years ago I know the sadness you are facing. Although I only got to know him through the lists and our lunches in the Bay Area I felt him a true friend and will miss him. He was a warm, frienly and generous person who I am sure will be missed by all who knew him.
I hope, Ron, than you will keep in touch. I had invited both of you down to my home in Palm Springs as soon as it was finished and that invitaton is still open. Please feel free to call on me at anytime you feel you need someone to talk to or just want to hear a friendly voice.
Please do not feel obligated to respond to this note. I know you will have many people writing and I know that your thoughts are with me as mine are with you. Write when things settle down a bit. I remain your friend. Hugs Michael Hoover

10#Walt Craig#forelyn@yahoo.com--September 3rd 2001#I just found out about Ben. There is little more I
can say other than I am so sorry. Ben had a special
place in my heart and now he will always be in the
same place for me. What a loss to everyone who knew
and cared about him and the things he cared about.

My sincere condolences


12#Andy#andy425@gte.net--September 3rd 2001#Very Sorry to hear of your loss, Brockman will certainly be
missed by all. If there is anything that I can do to help out, please don't hesitate to

13#Bill#aaron@earthlink.net--September 3rd 2001#To Ron and all Ben's friends and supporters...
Sincerest Sympathies.

14#David#dcantu1970@satx.rr.com--September 3rd 2001#I just read on the Silverfox homepage that Ben Boxer passed away last Saturday evening. This is the first I heard of this and am very sorry. I
never met him but I know he was 100percent pure "human being" and was well
loved by each and every one of us.

I felt real sad tonight when I read it, we'll never read his smart
little remarks again, and those of you that were lucky enough to meet
him and know him personally feel probably feel as though you yourselves
have lost your partner.

May his soul rest in peace, someday we'll all meet him again..

15#Frank#fdun23@webtv.net--September 3rd 2001#Ben was truly a great friend to us all even though we never met. I will miss him, his wit and erudition and his charm have made my life better.
Bon voyage, Ben.

16#piero volpi#pierovolpi@excite.it--September 3rd 2001#sinceramente sconvolto per la perdita dell'amico Ben
sono vicino a tutti i collaboratori del sito
un amico italiano piero

17#franco--#September 3rd 2001#sentite condoglianze. Italia.

18#Rick#Willie1022@msn.com--September 3rd 2001#I am so sorry at the passing of Ben. I did not know him personally, but did exchange E-mails with him. His site was the best for associating with older men. I will miss him and regret I never had the chance to meet him

19#Bert#bcohen2@ix.netcom.com--September 3rd 2001#My sincere condolences.We will all miss him

20#derek#g4jke@ntlworld.com--September 3rd 2001#shocked indeed to read of
"ben's" death, Derek, London UK

21#tommaso de nicola#tomlee@inwind.it--September 3rd 2001#it's a shock for me!!! I'm very sad for this notice.You'll be always on my mind. See you soon,dearest Ben

22#Jon Pike#greysalt1343@yaho--September 3rd 2001#so sorry to hear this. I know what you feel as I have gone thru this myself. He will be missed by many and especially me as he gave me a lot of pleasure with his sight. God bless him and care for him

23#Dudley Donovan #dudley.donovan@verizon.net--September 3rd 2001#Sorry very sorry to hear of Ben's passing. His website was a tribute to his genius and wit. I lost my partner a short time ago. My condolences to Ron. Resy in Peace, Ben Boxer.

24#David#Rounder@Tampabay.rr.com--September 3rd 2001#It was with great sadness I heard this news. Ben was a good man and a great supporter of the Siler Fox movement in the world. My thoughts & prayers go out to Ron and all that knew this wonderful man. Peace be with you.


25#Tom M#tjm1938@hotmail.com--September 3rd 2001#It was with great sadness that i read of Ben's passing. He provided so many good things through his site for so many! Wishing the best for you Ron. I know he loved you with all his heart from the way he wrote about you on the site. Please consider the idea of continuing his good work with the site as a monument to the great man he was.
Please take care of yourself and good luck and good fortune as you continue in this life.


27#toto#loveolder@msn.com--September 3rd 2001#I am very sorry.

28#Valo#valoccardi@aol.com--September 3rd 2001#Very sorry to hear about Ben's death. He did an immense amount for the elder gay community world wide. He is irreplaceable.

29#Marco Gallindo#gallindomarco@hotmail.com--September 3rd 2001#He was a great man. He make this Site the best in the World. We going miss him very much.He was a great Silverfox.My condolence to his Family and Friends. Marco

30#Craig#craignurseb@aol.com--September 3rd 2001#So Sad So Sorry So very Sorry

31#wesley wu#wesleywu@seed.net.tw--September 3rd 2001#I like Morris . He is a good man.

32#Rod#rodfsc@hotmail.com--September 3rd 2001#We will all miss him very
much. He was a part of a lot
of us and it has been taken
from us. Peace my friends.

33#Art#Artna555@aol.com--September 3rd 2001#A great person who is a great loss to all.

34#Ernboy#ern_68_2000@yahoo.com--September 3rd 2001#Ben will be missed by many...

35#big Jim #bk245mg@yahoo.com--September 3rd 2001#sad - very unexpected - will miss the sense of humor

36#renotrucker#letuckness1@cs.com--September 3rd 2001#Sorry for the passing of Ben may God Bless you and his family. It was great to have a family on line as I never got out in the community here in Reno. This was home and Ben Boxer was a great friend even though not knowing him personally. God Bless

37#THOMSON TAYLOR & EDWARD #thommacp@ns.sympatico.ca--September 3rd 2001#Ben was a True N Faaithful & true "Friendd" to all who he helped,and got to know
we both are very greatgul Thomson Taylor N Edward MacPherson.we send coldences to the family,friends relatives,and all who knew him. Thank you for allowing us to send sympathy.

38#alan#aj@havenhall.fsnet.co.uk--September 3rd 2001#so sad,goodbye, god bless.

39#Edison#ed1947ison@hotmail.com--September 3rd 2001#I returned home from an out of town business trip and didn't check the web site gor several days. Total shock! I'm going to miss him! The world was a better, saner place with him in it. Somehow, we must carry on his style, class and wit in our lives...as he would have us do.

40#Sean#dhanchati@hotmail.com--September 3rd 2001#It was wonderful to have him all around the world. He made many of us think we are who we are. Hope he is in peace in the heaven

41#Danny#Lankadanny@hotmail.com--September 3rd 2001#My deepest symapthies ......I always saw him as a nice man I did not know him but his smile was so nice and he always looked happy

Was he sick?????

42#Bob#thewaterbear@webtv.net--September 3rd 2001#Ben Boxer has givenn so much to so many of us. He is has made possible friendships that will always be cherished for many of us and has done it in with good spirits and grace, he has truly built an intergenerational bridge. Bless him.

43#Wham#will_iam7@yahoo.com--September 3rd 2001#Ben,

From the man who made me believe that I can write
to the man who had always insisdted on us to respect each other
to the man who put us here together
to the man who made us smile, with or without tears
to the man who opened our eyes
to the man who told "Santa": Don't let Wham leave the US

You'll always live within' me...many people will get to meet you
through me...

My love, respect, appreciation and peace will always be around you...

44#Lenny#ajadaw007@aol.com--September 3rd 2001#sorry to all that lost a good friend. never met ben in person but heard alot about him, in the good sense. may he rest in peace, and condolences to any family he had

45#William Durning #pterodactilus88@msn.com--September 3rd 2001#I'm very sad with this notice. I appreciate Ben Boxer very much. My condolences to your partner.

46#dan var #vardane59@yahoo.com--September 3rd 2001#I REMEMBER FOE EVER

47#Bud from Palm Springs, CA #straussps@aol.com--September 3rd 2001#I just wanted to add my sorrow and concern about Brockman's death. Although I didn't know him, what I got through his emails was sooo enjoyable. He will be missed. My best wished to you, Ron.

48#Tim Romano#timromano@localdial.com--September 3rd 2001#I am most sad to hear of Ben Boxer`s passing he will be sorely missed

49#Leon Gutierrez #l22gutierrez@hotmail.com--September 3rd 2001#My sincere condolences for this horrible fact! To your partner and to your family, my respects.

50#Hiro Ohashi #hohashi1@san.rr.com--September 3rd 2001#We have gig loss of Ben.
He had such nice big heart.

51#marc 0 #0marc0166@webtv.net--September 3rd 2001#very sad, very sorry!

52#Tom Forestieri#Gaetano813@aol.com--September 3rd 2001#Ron,
A true gentleman. That is what I thought of Ben (Brockman). A man with a vast worldly intelligence who wanted only one thing, for us to be kind to one another. Brockman allowed me an opportunity to be in touch with the world in a way I never thought possible. He gave this "Santa" a chance to get 'cuddled' by an enormous amount of people, especially he himself.
His passing is a great loss to us here on Earth but most assuredly a bonus to those in the afterlife.
He is already sorely missed.
Goodbye Ben, I loved you.

53#Sydney#svernon@inland.net--September 3rd 2001#He will be remembered as one who gave unselfishly, and lavishly of his time to promote better younger/older gay contacts, and to encourage greater understanding of our sexuality. Great job!

54#xavier #ramon.silvestre@wanadoo.es--September 3rd 2001#Mi más sentido pésame. Una gran pérdida. Tus admiradores hemos disfrutado mucho gracias a tu esfuerzo y dedicación.Hasta siempre.

55#Phil --#September 3rd 2001#So sorry to have you gone.Thanks for all you`ve done for so many.Rest in Peace

56#Dino#SWMOSON@WEBTV.NET--September 3rd 2001#i had just found the site a week and a half before he passed.I was sorry to hear that such a open minded looking man with such a great website was gone.I've talked to few very nice older guys who without Brockman,I may never have.From the bottom of my heart,THANK YOU for bringing younger people closer to older people.


58#Lawrence#Wry@toast.net--September 3rd 2001#If it wasn't for Ben's good work I would never have met
my sweet honeyboy James. I mourn his loss. He changed
my life forever. Rest in Peace.

With the greatest respect,
Lawrence Rothschild

59#Eric#homeric99@aol.com--September 3rd 2001#Ben's influence will last. A great many men were helped and encouraged because of his natural goodness of heart.
We will miss him.

60#Bill#sammax57@aol.com--September 3rd 2001#Sad to hear the news! Will someone be maintaining the web site? I sure hope so!

61#Tony#cody@tmisnet.com--September 3rd 2001#Thank you Ben for giving us such a wonderful escape...you will be missed

62#Nate#natwhite@mediaone.net#http://members.aol.com/natewhite9/Nate#September 3rd 2001#Having lost my partner of 24 years, seven years ago, I think I can truly sympathize with your loss and the loss felt by many people.

63#Robby#uanatos@yahoo.com--September 3rd 2001#It is a bad joke... right?
If it is true, the words are too poor to express what I' m feeling.
Have a nice trip FRIEND.

64#tony#soriano5@eresmas.com--September 3rd 2001#mis condolencias a sus mas
proximos, mi amigo Michael
murio el mismo dia y mes del
l995,necesitareis mucha fuerza
para superarlo,era encantador

65#Eddie--#September 3rd 2001#May God Receive You at the Doors of Heaven!!!
I am right you're at a better place now...Farewell, my friend....farewell...

66#Marvin M.#Drgums12@cs.com--September 3rd 2001#It is with great sorrow to have learned of the passing of Ben.
He made a big difference in my life and an immeasurable contribution to all of us.His brilliance was awesome.
May he rest in peace.

67#Ben#lived123@yahoo.com--September 3rd 2001#I have only come to the site a few times befor, but this new has saddened me. I wish all of you the best through the hard months ahead.

Chicago, IL

68#larry#daddybear4bears@aol.com--September 3rd 2001#so sorry to hear of ben's passing. silverfoxes has iven me much pleasure, stimulation and fond memories, for which ben will always have a place in my heart

69#kelly#kvitario@hotmail.com--September 3rd 2001#On sunday morning August 26th, 2001, the sun had rose so beautifully. Even though this day turned very sad. An overwhelming feeling of loneliness and emptiness filled my heart. For I learned that I lost a very special friend earlier that morning. Brocky, who's loss has proven very painful to me. A friendship which will not simply be replaced.

I went to the coast on this day, arriving about a half an hour or so before the sun had set. As I sat in my car alone staring out at a brilliant yellow sun, I spent this time to remember Brocky. I recalled when we had first met, in 1996.

Brocky became so important in my live. It may have been his unconditional friendship or the things we had in common or maybe the combination of the both. But whatever it was, it was very important to me.

And as I watched the sun go from a brilliant yellow to a deep rich orange as it made it's final journey into the ocean that evening, I said goodbye to my friend, the friend whom was always there during the short time we knew one another, the friend whom had done so many things for me, the friend who I will always miss. I said goodbye to Brockman Morris. And on this site, together, we say goodbye to Brockman Morris.

70#Jack--#September 3rd 2001#It is s sad to hear the news
althogh i just visit the site for a very few month. Ben done a great job, it is so sad to hea he is passing away. i only say good bye to Ben, hope the web site will continue

71#Mark--#September 3rd 2001#May God be with him.his site was a great source of joy and inspiration.

72#Billy #wudep@hotmail.com--September 3rd 2001#Thank you, Ben, for having provided mature Gay men a place to meet on line. I always looked forward to my stops in your chat room.

73#James Larissa--#September 3rd 2001#My sympathies to you, Ron. Ben gave me much in the months I visited this site. For the first time I felt as if there were others similar to me, allowing me to feel sane. I will always appreciate having the opportunity to encounter his work. And Ron, to you at this difficult time, all the best to you. God bless.

74#pete#older_admirer@yahoo.com--September 3rd 2001#I belonged to the Ben Boxer's club for a long time. I can't tell you how much I grew to appreciate the work, brilliance and dedication of Ben. I was very, very sad to learn the news. We all have lost a wonderful man. Ron, my most sincere condolences to you, and God bless.


75#LEN (Australia) #kingleigh235@ozemail.com.au--September 3rd 2001#I am a comparatively recent member of "Ben's Clubhouse". I had no idea that he was ailing. I'm sure that he will be sadly missed by all those, in particular, who are long-time members. My condolences to his partner and family. I trust that the site he created and built up over the years will continue in his name and memory.

76#Albert#aesbear@hotmail.com--September 3rd 2001#Dear Ron
Those we hold most dear
never truly leave us.....
they live on
in the kindness they showed,
the comfort they shared,
and the love
they brought into our lives.

My prayers and condolences are for Ben's partner Ron, as Ben's has them real-time now.
Ben's Free
Don't grieve for me, for now I'm free I'm following the path God laid for me. I took His hand when I heard him call; I turned my back and left it all. I could not stay other day, To laugh, to love, to work or play. Tasks left undone must stay that way;
I found that place at the close of day. If my parting has left a void, Then fill it with remembered joy.
A friendship shared a laugh, a kiss; Ah yes, these things, I too will miss. Be not burdened with times of sorrow
I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow. My life's been full, I savored much;
Good friends, good times, a loved ones touch. Perhaps my time seems all to brief;
Don't lengthen it now with undue grief. Lift up your heart and share with me, God wanted me now, He set me free.

77#sandy#sandy131@supanet.com--September 3rd 2001#you will be sadly missed and forever in our thoughts...to Ron, he made a great impression on all those he met, he touched all our hearts in ways that would have been impossible for lesser mortals, my thoughts are with you at this time.

78#A silly Dane#bazzix@hotmail.com--September 3rd 2001#I guess you can say, that the gay community has lost one of its greatest contributors of wisdom, information - and a lot of fun. A big THANK U to Ben Boxer for whatever he gave to the world of ours. And may his work - and the memory of him - be kept alive forever.....

79#George#giorgiogiaccomo@yahoo.com--September 3rd 2001#Aun no puedo concebir que un gran hombre se nos haya adelantado... El cambió la vida de muchos de nosotros y le estamos muy agradecidos... Mi mas sentido pésame a Ron, en realidad lo siento mucho........

Mi querido amigo Ben, te alcanzaremos algún día.....

GRACIAS POR TODO BIG BEN!!!Fuiste la persona que nos supo entender..... Gracias.......

80#Gary#gary@pisgahweb.net--September 3rd 2001#Goodbye Brockie. We will all miss you very, very much. I will miss working with you on your sites, and your other ventures. Ron, Let me know you are doing.

81#yeeill#yeeill2@yahoo.com--September 3rd 2001#i'm glad to you!

82#Quiet1#quiet1here@flashmail.com--September 3rd 2001#Remember you always...

83#Star#star_knight_in@yahoo.com--September 3rd 2001#Really sorry of what had happened. I would miss him a lot. Then as we say our life of this earth is just a stop over before reaching the final destiny. Hope to meet you in nether world soon.

Love you BEN

84#Christy Tobin #christycross@hotmail.com--September 3rd 2001#A great loss to all. May you find in heaven the happiness you have brought to others on earth

85#Manny#MW33323@yahoo.com--September 3rd 2001#You will definitelybe missed. Rest in peace.

86#Miguel Ramirez#miguel55@tutopia.com.mx--September 3rd 2001#It is sad to know that people so beutiful as Ben passed away. I have been an admirer of Ben since one year.

THat God wil give him eternal happiness.

Miguel (from Mexico)

87#Michaeljohn (Twin Peeks) #sanfranpeeks@hotmail.com--September 3rd 2001#Farewell to a guy with the greatest sense of humor. He will always be with us.

88#Steve--#September 3rd 2001#My sympathy to an inspiring and creative individual. His intellect, wit and tireless dedication to his friends on the 'net was unmatched. Without meeting him in person, most of us still felt like we knew him. He touched our lives. He made a difference. We are all better for having him in our lives! Rest in peace big guy!

89#Alain#mistralee@wanadoo.fr--September 3rd 2001#Look Brock.
So many people.
So many people to miss you so very much.
You, "the Man in the Rainbow".

My sweet friend.

"Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly. Why then, oh, why can't I ? "

90#brian#penstate79@aol.com--September 3rd 2001#I truly regret Ben's passing. But it is God's will, as we will all be subject to His will when our own time comes. Let us pray for Ben and his Family.

91#tom#trucki@msn.com--September 3rd 2001#i am deeply saddened by this news. my condolances to all those who truly cared.

93#zicca#zicca_66@yahoo.com--September 3rd 2001#he's always the Big Man of my hart...

94#Don #unicorn610@home.com--September 3rd 2001#Was saddned when Igot the news of Bens death.I've been in the club a short time but when I had a promblem Ben was there to help me thru it now he's with GOD ,helping him with his site . miss U Ben and U still make a cute valinetine !!!xoxox Don from Chicago

95#Vic#vicnd@csicable.net--September 3rd 2001#I, too, was deeply saddened upon hearing of Ben's passing. He did a lot for all of us, helping us solve problems, or directing us to the proper place. He will be missed very deeply.

96#Manqueer #manqueer@hotmail.com--September 3rd 2001#I have injoyed Ben for only 2 years, and will miss him very much. Lots of LOVE from manqueer.

97#Tom#miami.club@verizon.net--September 3rd 2001#I am shocked and sadden by our loss of dear Ben. A wonderful loving man that reached out to our community with open arms. Ron, I am sorry for your great loss. Tom

98#Tripper #bucky115us@yahood.com--September 3rd 2001#Ben was a good man. He will be missed by many.

99#Steve #sfs111@hotmail.com--September 3rd 2001#Sadden by the death of a dear friend through the internet. You were respected and deeply cared for by many. You will be deeply missed. May you rest in peace!!!

100#Tad Tupa#t2pa@hotmail.com--September 3rd 2001#Tad, and daddy, Allan, sorry to see you go. We will miss you. Love you always, Tad and Allan.

101#Dave#luvhog@ameritech.net--September 3rd 2001#"Requiecat in pace" the saying goes, Rest in peace. Ben fought the good figtht and has bequeathed to all of us a sense of honor and worth. If a man's life is judged at all it is not by his works but by the affect e had on others. In this Brockamn Morris has passed the test. Ron, my concolences go out to you more especially since you are the one who has been there as life-0mate for this strong, cantankerous fighter of a man. He left his corner of the world a better place and long shall he be remembered as the pioneer he was.
Goodbye my friend

102#Bigdick#bigd67076400@aol.com--September 3rd 2001#It was our great loss good by and god bless your family.

103#Joe#Mishawakajoe@cs.com--September 3rd 2001#To Ben:

Death be not proud, though some have called thee
Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so;
For those whom thou think'st thou dost overthrow
Die not, poor death, nor yet canst thou kill me.
From rest and sleep, which but thy picture be,
Much pleasure, then from thee much more must flow,
And soonest our best men with thee do go,
Rest of their bones, and soul's delivery.
Thou art slave to fate, chance, kings, and desperate men,
And dost with poison, war, and sickness dwell,
And poppy, or charms can make us sleep as well,
And better than thy stroke; why swell'st thou then?
one short sleep past, we wake eternally,
And death shall be no more; death, thou shalt die.-John Donne

104#Stanley Miller#Flybyme@aol.com--September 3rd 2001#sorry to hear of your loss I know the feeling lost my lover a year ago. My prayers are with you

105#Richard#gypsyking1@msn.com--September 3rd 2001#So sorry to hear of your loss.

106#Mark Letts #hippygyspy@gay,com--September 3rd 2001#So sorry for your loss of your beloved freind. He will be surely missed and forever loved by many.

107#Russell #Italian7013@yahoo.com--September 3rd 2001#May the many people that Ben has helped be remembered a lifetime, and may you carry on his good works for all those who need you. My deepest sympathies are with you always. I wish only good things for you and may God spare you pain.

108#Coroas_Friend#coroas_friend@yahoo.com.br--September 3rd 2001#I don't have word's to say

I'm very sadness

Coroas_Friend from Brazil

109#jorge torres#njchub28@aol.com--September 3rd 2001#its soooo sad to have lost such a smart , fun loving guy
i will miss him


110#Hank#phar75@netzero.net--September 3rd 2001#He gave me the courage to come out and be free.
Good man.

111#Blkman4senior #Blkman4senior@netzero.net--September 3rd 2001#Ben you helped so many Internet friends have courage to make their dreams come true. Thanks and known that your will be dearly missed and we all love you.

112#Armando #SarasotaBear@aol.com--September 3rd 2001#May you find the peace you deserve for all the goodness you have shown in your life. I am a better person for having benefitted from being a frequent guest in your "Cyber-Home"

113#Roy Jimson#royjimson@aol.com--September 4th 2001#Please accept my condolences.

114#Ken#karthur@n2mail.com--September 4th 2001#My condolences to all those who love and will miss him. Thank you Ben for creating a place where I could visit and for a short time, live my other self.

115#Kasey #Kasey456231201@aol.com--September 4th 2001#Dear Ron,
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. As Ben Boxer, Brockman Morris brought a lot of good humor, warmth, and pleasant times to many of us, some of whom have few avenues of light. He was truly a special gift, and his place will be kept fondly in our hearts. Please take care and know that there are many, many people who care about you.

116#david chiu #bigchubbyman@hotmail.com--September 4th 2001#I am sorry for what happen he was a happy and sweetman.

117#Norberto R. Rosas #n11i72@hotmail.com--September 4th 2001#D e f i n i t i v a m e n t e . . .

Siempre, Dios llama o nos quita, a nuestros seres que de una o de otra manera, nos levantan el animo dia a dia, con ese don que tienen de querer a la gente, mas que asi mismos.
Por eso, y por muchas cosas mas, descansa en paz y siempre estaras en nuestros recuerdos querido amigo Morris.

118#GABBY#andregabby@aol.com--September 4th 2001#he was a very gentle man i'm sur thank for all you have done rest in peace
a longtime member

119#Luke#LukesBoxx@aol.com--September 4th 2001#Very sorry to here of your loss. He will be missed immensely. Great site he has, hope you will continue. Hugs to you. Luke.

120#jimmy--#September 4th 2001#he taught me to be my self and will be missed dearly

121#George#uri140@webtv.net--September 4th 2001#My deepest sympathies to all family and friends. Ben will be missed.

122#Bob & John England#bobandjohn@eatonroad.freeserve.co.uk--September 4th 2001#For Ron
Like so many of us who write, we never knew Brock in a personal sense. We wish we had. I hope you can obtain some warmth from the messages we all offer. Be as strong as you can and remember two things. Firstly that the only certainty is that the sun will rise tommorrow and that all you have to do is remember to breathe. We are not sure about God but whoever, wherever & whatever he may be, we hope he watches over you. Love & Hugs Bob & John.

123#Daedalus#d@unet.cjb.net--September 4th 2001#What a bummer. :-(

124#raul#mdraul@webtv.net--September 4th 2001#I ma so sorry to hear of yourlost as well as our.He definately change my world.

125#vittorio#vittorio_51@katamail.com--September 4th 2001#sentite condoglianze

126#MICHEL#saporettifanani@yahoo.it--September 4th 2001#Grace à BEN, j'ai connu beaucoup de gay arabe. Avant, j'étais seul, très seul. Merci BEN.

127#Ray#ray494@ozmail.com.au--September 4th 2001#My sincere condolences.


129#jim#cum_andgetit69@hotmail.com--September 4th 2001#i am so sorry to hear this sad news.
Ben has served us well!

130#Luciano#jazluc@jazzfree.com--September 4th 2001#Dear Ben, you will remain forever in my heart-disk as "the high flyer". Thanks a lot.

131#Bill#chunky58--September 4th 2001#Ben:
As a mature Gay Gent I owe you a great deal. You helped me understand and appreciate my worth as a unique individual and for that I shall always be greatful. I am sure that you are now in a better place where you do not need to defend your sexuality.

132#Bryan#muddyinchicago@aol.com--September 4th 2001#Please accept my condoences

133#Todd Bruno#charliebrown137@hotmail.com--September 4th 2001#Very sorry for what has happened, I will miss him very much.

134#pat#ptague@tiac.net--September 4th 2001#thanks ben for all you have done for us

135#Calvin Thompson#ccalvinlt@aol.com--September 4th 2001#Rest in peace MR Morris

136#ottok#anakmelayu_my@yahoo.com--September 4th 2001#Good bye..

137#Xavier#botak919@yahoo.com--September 4th 2001#I'm shocked to hear to the sad news. Ben has been a great guy, providing us with this website to know more friends, not to say he has done a really great job in maintain it. May he rest in peace in Heaven. Life has to go on, but Mr Morris(Ben) will always remain in our hearts.

138#Adam#slvrseek@yahoo.com--September 4th 2001#I have only known you through your web page but you have had an influence in my life. Without your web page I would not have known there were so many others like me(younger who like older). It has helped me realize it is ok to be me and for that I am forever grateful. Thank you Ben, you will be missed.

139#Brian Baker (Koala Bear)#koalabearrrr@btinternet.com--September 4th 2001#I am very upset by this sad news. For me, it is like a bolt out of the blue. Brockman's (Ben's) site gave men that shared a common ground the forum by which to discuss topics, engage in debate, provide help & direction, find fellowship and friendship.

His contribution to "gay cohesion" is greatly valued and will be sadly missed. I hope that his site can still, in some way, continue to provide this important link to those in the global gay community. I'm sure that such a challenge would befit Brockman's (Ben's) valuable contribution.

I only hope that there is someone as determined as our belated brother Brockman (Ben) out there, who will take up this challenge. His work is important.

140#Miguel#metmeo@teleline.es--September 4th 2001#From Barcelona (Spain)

You will always be with us

141#mike#gman4u40@hotmail.com--September 4th 2001#So sorry to learn of Ben's passing. He will be missed throughout the world...especially here in the South.
God speed dear friend!

142#Lou Rothman#LRoth@netvip.com--September 4th 2001#A man of wondrous talents and experiences
like Brock does not pass this way often.
I consider myself lucky to have
known him, if only through the


143#Vall#vall3@yahoo.com--September 4th 2001#He opened a door for many

144#indi#indichub@yahoo.com--September 4th 2001#ben we will miss u,
u made me understand whats life, albite through the comp
but i found out there is more to life then imagined
my heart bleeds for you,
good bye u will be in my heart for ever.

145#s s#ssilva1969@starmedia.com--September 4th 2001#estoy muy contrariado con el sentido deceso de quien, atravez de su pagina me abrio todo un mundo de ilusiones y fantasias de las cuales me he llevado un grato recuerdo...
que dios te bendiga en ese largo sueno sin regreso.

RIP Big Ben Boxer

atte: ssilva1969

146#rckhpr2#rckhpr2@hotmail.com--September 4th 2001#Ben was such a great person and was a positive impact on many peoples lives. I was fortunate to have been in Antioch, CA this year to have met him in person at his birthday brunch.

147#James Young#jaime@spiritone,com--September 4th 2001#Ron, I am so sorry for your loss. Ben's greatest gift for me was the list, wherein I first felt comfortable amongst the company of men. My only regret that my postings caused him difficulty and disttress during his last days. Nothing that anyone can say will make a difference. Jim Young

148#sam#samguy36@hotmail.com--September 4th 2001#Ben will be missed. He was a wonderful guy

149#Warren (Briefs)#senior28@hotmail.com--September 4th 2001#at 68 I discovered that there are younger men
out there that truly enjoy and want to be wiht older
men...that is Ben's legacy for me...I am forever grateful.

150#Robert Durig#Rdurig@aol.com--September 4th 2001#Ron, my heart goes out to you! I hope you find some comfort for your sorrow in your friends!
I am so sorry to learn about the passing of our greatesd friend and champion.

151#Rick Rap#ricrap@twcny.rr.com--September 4th 2001#Deepest sympathy to all who knew and loved him. As a new member my interchanges with him were few, but always warm. Rick

152#Ray Sanders#sanpalo@att.net--September 4th 2001# I know Ben will be missed by many many persons.

153#Leo#oytz@aol.com--September 4th 2001#Such a legendary person cannot die.
The deeds he accomplish made him immortal!
I am proud of having read his messages.
Devoted benboxerite Leo.

154#Murray Lavigne#mlavign@sympatico.ca--September 4th 2001#My deepest condolences to a very lovely man who has managed to allow many men to discover and enjoy their sexual freedom.

155#Yalek#sfyalek@pacbell.net--September 4th 2001#I am sad to hear that Ben had been gone.
His cheerful smile and spirit is always remember in my mind.

156#kenneth Adams--#September 4th 2001#Thank you for bringing me joy and freedom at my age...and with style, passion and humor.

May you rest in peace. God be with you for eternity.

You will be missed, brother.

157#Joe Grace#romuva@hotmail.com--September 4th 2001#What tragic news. He was such a unifying force for the gay movement. We have all lost a valued friend. My sympathies to you, Ron, and to us all. Joe (Romuva)

158#WAYNE TEEL#Squireteel@AOL.com--September 5th 2001#The world will be a lesser and sadder place wothout him!

159#Len#ljmclip@aol.com--September 5th 2001#Thank you Ben from one of the hundreds of grateful men who came to understand that we were not alone by being attracted to older men. You were an integral part of every day and you will be sorely missed. Rest well my friend.

160#C--#September 5th 2001#So sorry to say goodbye to someone as special as ben

161#Raul Recasens#raul143@aaahawk.com--September 5th 2001#I don't think I will ever meet a nicer personality than him !!!

162#piero volpi#pierovolpi@excite.it--September 5th 2001#rinnovo sincere condoglianze
un amico italiano

163#christian westenbroek#Chriswes@euronet.nl--September 5th 2001#I wish to express my sincere condolences to you and Ben's family. Although I belonged to the Ben Boxer's club only a few months I highly appreciated his work. He gave me very much in these months and he will always have a special place in my heart.

164#Gerard (Hardbutt)#sabby105@hotmail.com--September 5th 2001#So sorry for all your sadness and sorrow over the passing of Ben Boxer.

165#D Evans#lgpspbsndds@hotmail.com--September 5th 2001#Ben is a very intelligent, caring man and a beacon in the night to those of us younger guys who share the interests in older gentleman. Thank you, Ben. We know, in heaven, your love light still shines! Ron, may your life be filled with peace and joy!

166#Joe#redlyonred@aol.com--September 5th 2001#He has been bringing joy to so many when life seemed hopeless at times. I know he is in a happy place

167#Sven#baden101@hotmail.com--September 5th 2001#So sorry to hear about the passing of Ben Boxer who brought us all pleasure and
understanding and a sense of

168#Mike W.#niceguy2@home.com--September 5th 2001#He will be missed!!!

169# Len# orlsun@yahoo.com--September 5th 2001# I am saddened by Ben's passing, and will miss him greatly. My condolences to you, Ron. He was a great friend and adviser to all of us. Rest in peace, dear friend

170#Joe#joeirish15@yahoo.com--September 5th 2001#Sad to hear that this good gentleman passed on. He brought such a pleasure to all of us members by having this website. Goodbye, friend.

171#Ricardo#rixcerezo@hotmail.com--September 5th 2001#He is just ahead of us in this journey. Thanks Ben for help others to find their own way.

Solo puedo decir que se nos adelanto en este viaje por la vida. Gracias Ben por ayudarnos a encontrar nuestro camino.


172#Glenn#gmurray88@earthlink.net--September 5th 2001#I would like to extend my condolences on the loss of Brockman Morris. Though I never had the privilege of meeting him in person, I felt as if I knew him because of how his personality shined tbrough his website. He provided a great service to so many of us and he will be greatly missed, though I'm sure not nearly as much as those that knew him personally are missing his physical presence. His spirit lives on, though.
Warmest regards,

173#Joel Acevedo#Silverminr@aol.com--September 5th 2001#I was sorry to hear of the passing of this great guy. I never met him but he taught me a lot. He made me realize that I was not alone in the world when I accepted the fact that I was gay, and the fact that I am a young guy that loves older men. He is a great guy and I know that he looking down on us and smiling. God bless.

174#Hilly Minx#hillyminx@hotmail.com--September 5th 2001#For one who has known Brock for many years. I have nothing but praise and admiration--may his memory live on in his website

175#Gene Smith#gene1937@yahoo.com--September 5th 2001#A wonderfully warm, brilliant man. A loss to this Planet, gain to the universe.

176#Don#nybardge--September 5th 2001#So sorry to hear of your loss.I share you pain of such a loss.Keep his memory alive.Don

177#kris--#September 5th 2001#i was very saden and shocked to here that brock (ben)had passed on i will miss him very very very mush he was so good too me rest in peace brock

178#teaser#tjan_michael@hotmail.com--September 5th 2001#May he rest in peace.

179#Chuck Stuart#jrs1211@yahoo.com--September 5th 2001#Thank you, Ben, for enriching my life. I trust that if you were suffering, you no longer suffer; for that I am thankful. --Chuck

180#Warren#warr_59@yahoo.com--September 5th 2001#Ron,
May the Lord bless you and comfort you. I hope that friends & family stand beside you now. Ben still stands for freedom.
God's peace unto you!

181#Roger#Rogersthename@Hotmail.com--September 5th 2001#Wow. One of the great ones passes. Here's to the pleasure he gave those who only knew him through his website. Condolences to those who remain behind.

182#Ron Lief#sanskilts@hotmail.com--September 5th 2001#Never got to know Ben, but in the shorttime I've been with silverfoxes, I've come to see that he was a remarkable guy. Anyone who has used this facility must know how much hardwork and thought went into creating this site and keeping it going. We all owe him our gratitude and our love for what he has provided for us.
Hope it will continue as a kind of memorial to him.

183#Pat#patscor--September 5th 2001#May you rest in peace big guy.

184#runnerwest#runnerwest@aol.com--September 5th 2001#you will be greatly missed, Ben.

Love, Mike

185#ed#hotdad_69@yahoo.com--September 5th 2001#He was born in this world and had lived it to its fullest. He have chosen to live based on his beliefs. And that's the legacy that he left for us... and this legacy we shall continue...

Ben, thank you very much. May you rest in peace.

186#Mike Valente (Polargizmo)#polargizmo@email.msn.com--September 6th 2001#I was deeply saddened when I found out about Ben's passing. It's funny how someone you've never really met can have such an impact on your life. I'm truly grateful for having connected with this man and what he accomplished with the list, and will keep the memories I have of him close to my heart and in my mind. Thank you Ben.

Ron, I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you also, for letting us express our sympathy for him, and our true feelings for this remarkable person.

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead
Scribbling on the sky the message He Is Dead.
Put crepe bows round the white necks of public doves,
Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves.

He was my North, my South, my East and West.
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
I thought that love would last forever; I was wrong.

The stars are not wanted now: put out every one;
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun;
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood;
For nothing now can ever come to any good.
--- W. H. Auden (1907-1973)

187#BHETHO#bhethobr@yahoo.com.br--September 6th 2001#Thanks Ben for all you have done for us, I will miss him very much.
please accept my condolence.

bhetho (BRAZIL-SP)

188#BH#fate_ff_fate@yahoo.com--September 6th 2001#Thank you so much for all your contributions. We will miss you.

189#Mark#markychv@pacbell.net--September 6th 2001#I am so sorry to hear about his passing, I regret the I never had the chance to meet him. I have enjoyed visiting his site over the last year. I send all my love and prayers to his friends and family.

190#wen#wen2949@mars.seed.net.tw#Taiwan#September 6th 2001#I LOVE YOU FOREVER

191#wooffactorten (Australia)#wooffactorten@hotmail.com--September 6th 2001#He will be sadly missed.
Hang in there, Ron.

192#Joseph#parshag2@yahoo.com--September 6th 2001#Enjoyed the site very much, and appreciated all of Ben's efforts - he did a service to all gay/bi men...Will be sorely missed

193#Henrik#agmir2001@nail.ru--September 6th 2001#There is nobody here except for us of a two.
And we are prosecutors itself.
Allow me to kiss your legs
and to pour by their myrrh and tears...

Thank You, Ben.

194#Arty#claytimtaz@aol.com--September 6th 2001#sorry to hear Ben is gone. Gave me a lot of fun, so let`s remember the good times! Stop being so sad, remember all he gave us.

195#Matt Viola#matt.viola@weil.com--September 6th 2001#You will me missed.

196#Brian#battenkill@earthlink.net--September 6th 2001#The end of a life is a sad thing. I'm sorry to hear about Ben.

197#Alaska Al#AlaskaAl@pobox.alaska.net--September 6th 2001#Ben...we'll sure miss you and
your wonderful smile!


198#Geof Allenby#geofalle@tpg.com.au--September 6th 2001#I was shocked and saddened, my sincere condolences to all who knew him

199#Alfredo#pal@gamma.com.ar--September 6th 2001#Ho Ben, desde donde este recibas mi admiracion, gracias por todo lo que hiciste por nosotros los seres diferentes, estaras siempre con Dios

200#Dave#damalste@gateway.net--September 6th 2001#Ron,
My sincerest condolences. Like many, I didn't know him, but his writings and stories left an impact with me that will never be forgoten.
He will be truly missed. Take care of yourself.

Dave S.

201#matblkbot#matblkbot@aol.com--September 6th 2001#What a wonderful man. You touched so many lives. May your soul forever be in peace.

202#Sam#Chachos44@aol.com--September 6th 2001#Ben,

You will be missed...!!!!!

203#Joe#joehege_dc@yahoo.com--September 6th 2001#I was very sorry to hear about Ben. The website he created helped me feel comfortable about loving the mature man. I am sorry for your loss Ron.


204#Mike O'connor#Lansmiguy517--September 6th 2001#So sorry to see a good man past on. He will be remembered always

205#bulldog777#bulldog777@hotmail.com--September 7th 2001#ben thanks for everything i will allways love you!

206#Rods#rodsan@eudoramail.com--September 7th 2001#Sorry to hear about Ben's passing. I will surely miss him. Ben, Thank you for everything!

207#Ricky#schulze@mweb.co.za--September 7th 2001#Ron,
I'm really sorry to her that and I know you specially will miss him a lot.


208#yamamodo#yamamodo1000@mail2000.com.tw--September 7th 2001#i love you

209#Peter Teddy#c44b46@yahoo.com--September 7th 2001#I'll miss you. I hope, stars are raining.

210#Andrew#tobybee@aol.com--September 7th 2001#Shocked to hear of his death. We corresponded a few times and I was always touched by his wisdom and humour.
My condolences to those close to him.
May God's peace be upon him.

211#Scott#srt1@kscable.com--September 7th 2001#I thoroughly enjoyed Ben's wit and bubbly personality. He came across as a genuinely caring soul. May he rest in peace.

212#Franco#franco186@virgilio.it--September 7th 2001#Ben is a new lovely star in the sky
Franco from Italy

213#Doug Whitfield#dwhit@island.net--September 7th 2001#What a great loss. My deep sympathies to Ron and all
Ben's friends.

214#manos2000#manos_007@hotmail.com#nanos#September 7th 2001#My deepest sympathies..

215#Quinton#qbot@hotmail.com--September 7th 2001#I was very sorry about the passing of Ben.
His website helped me feel comfortable about beening and loving the
mature man. I am sorry for your loss Quinton.

216#Christian#CSpchr@aol.com--September 7th 2001#Mein Herzlisches Beileid.Wir haben einen wertvollen Menschen verloren.

217#Richard Liang#ricliang@goconnect.net--September 7th 2001#Dear Ron,

This is my very first time communicate to the list. I am from Sydney, Australia. It came a total shock for me to learn that our dearest Ben passed away. I haven't login in for the past few weeks as I have turmoil of my own. My partner (after two wonderful years dumped me for a younger person). I know how you feel to loss a love one. It is difficult to come to terms with it, but life must go on. I've been reading a lot of Ben's writing and they has been quite inspiring and I am going to miss it.

Please accept my deepest and sincere condolences from down under!


218#Hari#anahari@yahoo.com--September 7th 2001#Dear Ron,
I feel very sorry to hear the news of Ben's death.. I pray to God that his soul be rest in peace.. I appreciate his good work
work of writing so many articles of our community and having developed this site where I my interests are fulfilled (I like chubby old men)...It is great work from you and Ben.

My sincere and heart felt condolences to you...

Best regards

219#Gustavo#gfxxi@hotmail.com--September 7th 2001#I'm very sorry for this lost. Ben is seing us from the sky, and he surely wont we'll be very happy.

220#Raymond Wardan#rayrockw@optonline.net--September 7th 2001#I am sorry to hear of the passing of 'Ben'. He certainly was a gifted man. May his soul rest in peace.

221#Jain#jollyboy15@yahoo.com#gaydar.co.uk/indianson#September 8th 2001#"May His Sole Rest in Peace."

222#Ryan Hardman#tyrant_r@hotmail.com--September 8th 2001#My deepest condolences go out to this man A pioneer indeed

223#Jon#bgbd_jn@webtv.net--September 8th 2001#Dear "Ben".
Thank you for all the good and happy times you brought to us all.
You will be sorely missed by all of us

224#Jim Mount#home241@home.com--September 8th 2001#Another hetrophobe bites the dust!

225#tomelec--#September 8th 2001#sorry ,all ,.!i'm very sorry all!

226#Franco#marcial@tin.it--September 8th 2001#Bye Ben from Franco - ITALY

227#Mitsu#bulldog-matufuku-1@nifty.com--September 8th 2001#I'm very sorry about the passing of Ben Dad.
You are always in my heart.

228#oliverkemper#Jungesboeckchen@aol.com--September 8th 2001#I keep a part of you with me, and every where you've been you'll be in my mind.

God bless You

229#Marcus#mrdogstar@yahoo.ca--September 8th 2001#sorry for the loss.

230#Terr B Byrd#cuttinhorse@communicomm.com--September 8th 2001#I wish I had known him. I enjoyed his work on this website. My deepest sympathies to his friends and family.

231#Lawman Lin#lawman_33@hotmail.com--September 8th 2001#We will miss you ..

232#Chico--#September 8th 2001#Sorry to hear about Ben Boxer, dont know him that well, but have seen that name somewhere on webpage and give my regard to there family and friends. Wish I could of meet him and know him. Now that he in peace and God Bless you.

233#Antonio (Italy)--#September 8th 2001#I'm very sadden to hear about Ben.I feel really close to Ron.Goodbye,brother Ben!No one can replace you,we all will miss you a lot!!!

234#Bill#soyouareone@hotmail.com--September 8th 2001#Sorry to hear. Although I never knew him, I'm sure he was a true friend and inspiration to all who knew him. You have my compassion for his loss.

235#Philippe#phph3@yahoo.com--September 8th 2001#Thank you for all you've done for us. I will never forgot you. See you in heaven Ben!

Philippe - France

236#Arthur Jenkins#athur007@yahoo.com--September 8th 2001#I am so sad to see such a nice, warm, smart man to leave use. He made it a lot easier for me to understand that honestly loveing older men than me is fine and there are many of younger men to truely love the older generations. Love, hugs and kisses to Morris Brockman

237#cazagordos#castolo16@hotmail.com#http://www.bear411.com/cazagordos#September 8th 2001#I feel sorry to hear that and I think i was a great big dad. Rest in Peace.

238#cazagordos#castolo16@hotmail.com#http://www.bear411.com/cazagordos#September 8th 2001#I feel sorry to hear that and I think he was a great big dad. Rest in Peace.

239#DJ#dj214@hotmail.com--September 8th 2001#Good men always seem to die young. This is no exception!
You will be missed! You have brightened the lives of many!!

240#Don#auguste7@yahoo.com--September 8th 2001#Oh Ben, How we will miss you and all that you contributed to our community, giving so many of us, for the first time, a home in the wild and wooly ether of cyberspace. Thank you for bringing together so many, young and old who otherwise would never have known one another and of course, for your love and humor. Bless you dear man and may you rest in peace.

241#Nick Gore#nickntlg--September 8th 2001#am so sorry... my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.. he brought a little life into our lives...

242#Carlo Pittore#carlopittore@yahoo.com--September 8th 2001#Sadly learned only now of Ben Boxer's passing.How special he was, to have given so unselfishly to so many for so long. My sincere condolences to those who knew & loved him, and to those, who like myself, knew him only through reflected good works. May he rest in peace.

243#John B.#SirYonny@aol.com--September 8th 2001#I enjoyed his site. I appreciate all the time and effort he put into it. He must have been a good, kind man.

244#Nicholas#Euromix33@aol.com--September 9th 2001#Very sad to learn about Ben's passing,the men in Australia send their sympathy and admiration to a fine man!!

245#cliff h. bouvette#yd556@Victoria.tc.ca--September 9th 2001#sorry to hear of ben boxer
passing on Aug 25. My prays
go to his family and friends
he will be saddly missed by
all of us who know him .

246#Geroge & Ken--#September 9th 2001#Our condolences. We miss you dearly. May Ben rest in peace in a much better world.

247#jesse m#bear245@yahoo.com--September 9th 2001#i will miss his smile and beautiful body,soul. i know many that will miss him. im sure he has touched the heart of many men young and old. and will be missed by both.

248#Horace W#horace@wan.tc--September 9th 2001#Below is the portion of my letter that I wrote to Ben in the 16th August, 1999. It reads:
" ... Without your personal help, I would have lost my friendship with Hilly Minx forever and suffered unbearable regret and sadness of losing such a wonderful e-mail friend in the rest of my life which caused by obvious misunderstanding. For others' happiness, you have taken up your valuable time and lot of energy tried to help, to give. You are really a unselfish man. You are my angel... "
I miss you dearly, Ben !

249#John M.#Johnmcmxx@yahoo.com--September 9th 2001#I will miss Ben Boxer and his website. He brought much happiness to many people.Myself included. I wish I knew him personally. He seemed like a fun guy with a great personality. I know he touched my life and I did'nt even know him. To all his friends and family I extend my condolences and Ben will always have a place in all our hearts.

250#KianWee Ong#ongkw@pacific.net.sg--September 9th 2001#My condolences. Ben had livened up many a day of mine via email.

251#Roberto#puppybear69@hotmail.com--September 9th 2001#Live Forever...

252#FG#filthygrizzly@yahoo.com--September 9th 2001#I'm sorry for your loss.

253#ivan#paaul028@gay.com--September 9th 2001#Sorry for your loss. Even though i never met the guy i felt like i knew him i found his news letters very interesting and he made the web seem like an intimate place. My condolences go out to you and to all those who knew the guy in person.I fell like i have lost a friend.

Ivan james

254#Blue Eyes#dcorres@ix.netcom.com--September 9th 2001#My deepest sympathy

255#Jaime#jaimancoh@cs.com--September 9th 2001#I am very sorry for our loss


256#Drè#hophopdallaz@hotmail.com--September 9th 2001#I'm sure you were a good man,Ben.i won't forget you!

257#hector mtz#piscishmm@hotmail.com--September 9th 2001#I seat many, we are all with you

258#Paul Zaiglin#PWZbear@cs.com--September 9th 2001#Thank you Ben...

259#junhee song#qoods1@hanmail.net--September 10th 2001#i love you

260#Shin#shinofshin@hotmail.com--September 10th 2001#Hi Ben, I wanted to travel with you in Japan and enjoy Japanese "Ryokan And Onsen" maybe you are eating "Soba" Shinjikun never forget you!! Alright?

261#Pete Tiamo#paisan39@hotmail.com--September 10th 2001#Ron,
Wanted to wait a while before I sent you an e-mail. This is something that will take a while to get over, but we have to go on living. I never met Ben in person -- we wrote to each other via the net. I loved the stories that he had sent us and will truley miss him. If there is anything that Mike or I can do for you please let us know.

Pete Tiamo, Centaur Color

262#Tip Owen#noweniii@aol.com--September 10th 2001#I will miss Ben's stories and humor. He did alot for the older gay man and I hope someone will carry on his great traditions.

263#Thomas#pagster48@earthlink.net--September 10th 2001#I'm very sorry to hear of his death. Hope all are doing well and I'll miss him very much.

264#Jack D #jrenrod@aol.com --September 10th 2001#My sincerest condolences for a selfless man who worked hard to bring people together and make them happy about life and who they were.

265#Sam Barker#spb333@juno.com--September 10th 2001#As a new member I shall remember the many excellent e mail I received thanks to you Ben you shall be remembered

266#Robcol#rillo41@terra.com.br--September 10th 2001#Ben used to call me Robertinho. I met him personally in the summer of 1998 when I was visiting his friend Hilly Minx. They lived together then... I'll never forget the chat we had abot Princess Diana,Ben! Will never forget the wonderful British mini-series you so gently lent me,Ben... Will never forget you, Ben!
Roberto (Brazil)

267#duffy#ljorgel41@aol.com--September 11th 2001#Sorry to hear of Ben's passing. I'm greatful to him for allowing me to accept myself for who I am.

268#Rick#wallbash34@hotmail--September 11th 2001#Well its sad to see a good looking mans life come to an end.When only it was begining as a handsome mature man.But you always will rememberd by me.Im glad to hear Ron is able to take on this challenge.Its one of the best sites out there. Again Mr.Boxer it was a privelage.

269#Christy Tobin--#September 11th 2001#The tears have all been shed now we´ve said our last goodbyes his souls been blessed and he is laid to rest its now we feel alone, he was more than just a partner a teacher our best friend, he can still be heard on the web we shared though we view it on our own. Oh we never will forget him for he made us what we are though he may be gone memorys linger on and we miss him Boxer man.

270#Bob#mlooking4mover45@aol.com--September 11th 2001#sad to hear of the news :(

271#david#eugenex@hotmail.com--September 11th 2001#Dear Ron,

Please know that my thoughts are with
you -- Ben's joy and his work will
always be in my memory.


272#Fabericus#fabericius@hotmail.com--September 11th 2001#Great condolences from a young italian admirer, I will remember you.

273#jon kepler#johanness_kepler@hotmail.com--September 11th 2001#Ben ran a fascinating, and highly literate, web site. Certainly it was the best site in the gay realm. I'm anxious to see it continue, both for selfish reasons and as a memorial to Ben. His death ws a real shock! I would be happy to make a modest contribution to keep it going at the standard that Ben established.

274#Andy Campbell#knghtsbr@yahoo.com--September 11th 2001#I was shocked to hear about what happened to Brockman Morris when I went to go visit his site. I will always remember the hard work that he put into his website and the times when I got to chat with him. I will miss him.
Ron, I am sorry for your loss. I hope you are doing ok. I think its great that your going to keep the website online. Take care!

275#Peter#Bellybear44@aol.com--September 11th 2001#Thank you Ben

276#dinnay#dinnay3@hotmail.com--September 11th 2001#thank you for everything you've done.you will never know how much you've helped and what your works mean to me. thanks.

277#Kostas#rodos13@hotmail.com --September 11th 2001#We remember you with love and good feelings. Your contribution is significant and you are an international symbol of freedom and a sense of humor. Good-bye my friend and I am sure that you are in paradise.
Many regards from Greece, a country of freedom

278#Ira#maximumradio@mailcity.com--September 11th 2001#May Ben rest in peace. This site has given guys such as myself the knowledge that we are not alone in our preferences and and the best forum where we could hope to meet the person we seek. YOU ARE THANKED AND REMEMBERED.

279#rich (philippines)#since30@yahoo.com#http://www.angelfire.com/journal/rarbo#September 11th 2001#I knew ben since the "yancey days", I was his first subject in his prose 'Ex animo'. I know he'll rest in peace and he will NEVER be forgotten.

280#Saber#Saber27495@aol.com--September 11th 2001#I just found out the sad news. It's probably fitting that this being a very tragic day of the world. Ben and I once shared email frequently...he complimented often on my opinion..I respected those compliments...I regret losing contact with him over the last 2 years. No words can possible describe the greatness of this mans heart...He has done much for silverfoxes and us admirers on the net...Rest in peace My friend...

281#Martin#young4u2act@onebox.com--September 12th 2001#Ohh ...my god ! I was shock looking your site and hear you pass away ,..thank a lot ben , you very kind and helpful, i will remember for forever and everybody must ready for die like bens. God bless !

282#Mel#mel@stainton2000.fsnet.co.uk--September 12th 2001#Dear Ron, I am so sorry to hear the news of Brockman's passing. The one thing we have all learned from this man is to be true to who and what you are. He was a genuinely good man who now sleeps in the arms of angels. Mel, UK.

283#Bob Miller#truthbear@aol.com--September 12th 2001#We miis Ben's wit and wisdom. We hope you can continue his site and spirit.
Bob Miller (truthbear) and Dick Kubic Cudlibare1@aol.com)
Palm Springs, CA

284#Don#bresal@webtv.net--September 12th 2001#Your loss is our loss..I am saddened..Don

285#Isaac Cahen#Lagoazul2@aol.com--September 12th 2001#Very sorry to hear that.
I will pray for his soul to rest in peace, Amen

286#Rick--September 12th 2001#Ben provided us with a place that we would not have to be alone. I know with the kind and giving heart that he had he will never be alone either. It is truly our loss. You will always be remembered fondly in our hearts dearest Ben.

287#Stephen Poh#stephenpoh@hotmail.com--September 12th 2001#I'm have been away for a while and I was shock to hear about this. May God be with him always.

288#Nils#nilsm@online.no--September 12th 2001#I become shocked to hear you are not here any more. Thanks for all you have done. PEACE!

289#Quoc--#September 12th 2001#Thanks for all your wise words and for helping me find my silverfox.

290#Nikos--#September 12th 2001#Rest in peace dear Ben. Thank you for this lovely site and your kindness.
Greetings from Athens, Greece.

291#RALPH#RABAAN@inicia.es--September 12th 2001#Thank you for let me know myself and to show me the right way I need to live.
Rest in peace dear Ben.

292#Javier Labad#galdaddy@hotmail.com--September 12th 2001#Ben,
Recordaremos tu eterna sonrisa y tu simpatia.
Mis condolencias a la familia y amigos.

293#Ricardo#explorador25@hotmail.com--September 12th 2001#I am very sorry.

294#Thom P.#tmpip@hotmail.com--September 12th 2001#Very sorry to hear that we have lost
a good guy of our community.
I feel grateful to his works, many thanks.
May god bless him, and rest in peace.

295#Maximo V. Sanchez#maximo_sanchez@hotmail.com#http://www.maxcreations2000.com#September 12th 2001#It is hard to lose someone we love. I have been throuth that lately.
But let's keep in mind all the good things and times that we have had with that special someone who have let's us. That way they will always be with us in our hearths and spirits.

Que Reposes En Paz Querido Rom.

296#rene #rene-s@bluewin.ch--September 13th 2001#sono triste per la scoparsa di ben.
r.i.p rene

297#Franco & Mario (Italy)#carghi60@hotmail.com--September 13th 2001#Ben, always be on our hearts

298#Chuck Anthony#imabigguy--September 13th 2001#So sorry Ron. I lost my lover too after 37 years togther.
Life goes on. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

299#Junior#junior_3272@yahoo.com.sg--September 13th 2001#I'm shocked to hear the new today. Ben You'll always in our mind.

300#rod price#rod@casterbridge3.fsnet.co.uk--September 13th 2001#my deepest sympathy to all his friends
and family (even thou i didnt know him)

301#hereitis--#September 13th 2001#BEN gone but not forgoten
will be sadly missed thanks for the fun times

302#Bob Mac#bobmac2001@hotmail.com--September 13th 2001#My sympathy and sorrow. Ben brought wit, humour, compassion and wisdom as well as one of the loveliest smiles on this sorry planet.

303#neoboy#bobboynson@aol.com--September 13th 2001#" death makes angels of us all..."
-Jim Morrisson (The Doors)
Sweet passage for Ben Boxer.

304#aaron#wwad_99@yahoo.com--September 13th 2001#I will always miss you.

305#Dick#Cudlibare1@aol.com--September 14th 2001#My sympathy and prayers. May his soul rest in peace.

306#Al#nldomx@hotmail.com--September 14th 2001#May he rest in peace and we'll see him in heaven sooner or later.

307#Jim#hibigguy@gay.com--September 14th 2001#Oh no. I am sadden to hear Ben is gone. I always felt like I knew him as I listened to his stories.

308#Bill#Accordme93@hotmail.com--September 14th 2001#I was very shocked to find out that our Brock(Ben Boxer)had passed away. I only met him once, but I sure with it could of been more. My heart goes out to Ron as well as all who loved and cherished this man. I would of never met my Hilly if it weren't for him. Ron, hang in there and I hope to see you soon.
RIP Brockman Morris

309#Tonka#tonka41@btinternet.com--September 14th 2001#Ben you will be sadly missed by a lot of people, my heart and prayers go out to all who knew him and especially to Ron

310#Ajaib#ajaib35@yahoo.com--September 14th 2001#When i heard the sad demise of Brockman, I was shocked, I only exchanged few e-mails with him butI was very impressed by his ability to give comfort and soothing feelings to others, he will remain in my heart as well as in the hearts of those who met him and loved him.
May his soul keep in peace.

311#Walther Roeber#walther.roeber@t-online.de--September 14th 2001#I met Brock once and was so impressed.
We have lost a great personality.
Hopefully the site will be continued in his spirit to keep his intentions alive for us who remain.

312#Wayne#wburney@berkshire.rr.com--September 14th 2001#We say good-bye to a man who gave us a lot of love and a lot of pleasure.

Rest in Peace. We will never forget you

313#kantaras#kantaras402hotmail.com--September 14th 2001#I' am very sory

314#queen--#September 14th 2001#s sorry

315#Dennis O'#irishbear@hotmail.com--September 14th 2001#Ben did a really good job with the e-mail list and I enjoyed it very much.


316#Peter#peterbarnet@gay.com--September 15th 2001#Rest in Peace Ben

317#Berry Parsons#berrybearr@aol.com--September 15th 2001#What a great guy. Could he ever write. He died on the exact same day as my Mom -- the day before my birthday, so I will always be able to remember when he died.
He lifted the spirits and life of so many folks. May he Rest In Peace.



318#Big Joe#bigjoe1956@earthlink.net#http//:joeschubworld.homestead.com#September 15th 2001#There's nothing new that I can add here. This is just a note to include myself on the list of and in the hearts of the many other supporters.

319#Ernest A. Arevalo#dobie1944@cs.com--September 15th 2001#I am saddened to hear about Ben it is because of his web site that I got to meet some nice folks in the net he help me a lot as I was new at this couputer stuff and let me on to other sites the world needs more gentleman like Ben and even though I haven't met him personaly it seem like I did my heart and sorrow goes to all his family and friends
Thank You BEN

320#Don of Palm Springs#fitn56@aol.com--September 15th 2001#I will miss him. allhis list members will miss him. and I can only imagine how much you will miss him. He has left the world a better place for having been here.

321#David Kelleher#dk1@london.com--September 15th 2001#i have spent many an hour on this site and loved getting the pics through of all those horny silverfoxes,what a great thing ben started,he will be missed and has given me alot of pleasure.I think the site should continue for bens memory.

322#Lester J. Wilker#burnside@burnside.on.ca#www.burnside.on.ca#September 15th 2001#Our sympathy to the founder of The Silver Foxes Club. Lee.

323#Franklin Chua#franbak@yahoo.com--September 16th 2001#We say good-bye to a man who gave us a lot of love and a lot of pleasure. I from Malaysia ! :(

324#piero volpi#pierovolpi@excite.it--September 16th 2001#vi sono vicino per la dolorosa perdita di BEN
spero che il sito venga riattivato presto
un amico italiano

325#Sacramento Bud#wilrom@webtv.net--September 16th 2001#It is sad to hear that Ben had passed. I had only joined the list some months ago. Ben made you felt that you had known him a long time. I had lost my partner not long ago so I know how his partner feels now. May God bless you both! May this list continue in his honor as he was the founder and he reach out, to each and everyone. I only wish that I had met him in person! God Speed!

326#Joe Madding#madjoe@webtv.net--September 16th 2001#Ben did indeed "fly higher than an eagle" and you,Ron, were most assuredly "the wind beneath his wings". We all miss him!

327#MAker--#September 16th 2001#I didnt know him but he sure was cute, RIP. .

328#jason watson#jas.watson@virgin.net--September 16th 2001#Forever in our thoughts

329#STEVE#ANUBIS45--September 16th 2001#WHAT HAPPENED? / .....HOW SAD ALL THE BEST WISHES......

330#Chris--#September 16th 2001#Few are the choices we are given; the sands of time passes quickly by.
I will miss you

331#vincent#vincent.william@wxs.nl--September 16th 2001#im devastated. Ben's site was the first oldermensite i found. im eternally greatful for that. My deepest to those who are left behind

332#Alfred Bacallao#topguntom1@aol.com--September 16th 2001#My heart goes out to Ben and
his beautiful web site..
God Bless

333#Jethro#HardRock14u@netscape.com--September 16th 2001#Just found out about the tragedy that ben had passed us.
Feel like we have lost a great passoniate friend. I as
many more of us will miss him greatly, especially his
gentle smile and kind words for all of us!!!

Miss You Ben....Jethro

334#Stick#littlestick5in@aol.com--September 16th 2001#Sorry to here about Ben will miss him talked to him in the chat room he was a fine man.

335#martin#j_homme@caramail.com--September 17th 2001#Hi!

i pray for you.

French young man


336#Roger#maturetopseeker@yahoo.com#http://www.gaypete.de/amat_05/ducas_x.htm#September 17th 2001#I was very sad when I heard that Ben had passed away. May he guide us, protect us and enlighten our decisions each day of our lives.

337#jack#jack66nb@yahoo.com--September 17th 2001#I'll miss Ben. I got the sad news by Apollo Network (Ron). He did a lot for gay-people and he confirmed by his work the position of them in society. Via his website he brought people together.
Thanks Ben.

338#Nick Phillips#pupster64@hotmail.com--September 17th 2001#In deepest sympathy of a true gentleman and scholar....
He has provided a wonderful site which has given us all the opportunity to meet men from all over the world and for making the world seem so much smaller....
Rest in Peace......

339#salvo#squirt75@inwind.it--September 17th 2001#after a lot of time that I didn't receive letters anymore from this email list, I have finally understood the motive. I am very sorry for the death of March. Sinned really, I didn't know because I live in Italy, but I can say that he has surely done an excellent and splendid job for all the people as me. Thanks of everything

340#Nick#nct_uk@yahoo.com--September 17th 2001#I wish to express my sorrow at the passing of a great guy, who gave people like myself the chance to meet other guys of similar taste. God rest you Ben

341#Jacques Poels#bestpoel@worldonline.nl--September 17th 2001#He gave me a lot of fine hours with his webpages and silverfox mail. I think he had a healthy look at the world with a lot of interestings.

342#tim soirez#chubpuppy@aol.com--September 17th 2001#i was very saddened by the news of ben's passing...but i know he's in god's arms now...not such a bad place to be......

343#mike#chilakill@latinmail.com--September 17th 2001#no lo puedo creer gracias a el pude experimentar por primera vez poder ver gente que me agrada.. realmente que mala onda estaba guapisisimo...
de todos modos donde este siepre sera el MEJOR...

344#Guy#jgsy@sympatico.ca--September 17th 2001#I have just learned today about the passing away of Ben. I was shocked to learn the news. Ben had come to be part of my world by bringing me in contact with so many others throughout the world.

With all the good he did via the Internet, I am sure that he is with God and looking after all of us.

345#jeff potts#littlejeffsf@aol.com--September 18th 2001#i never met the man,but loved him and his visions.he was able to turn fantasy into reality for many of us.he will always be remembered.

346#Ira#melonsamalamig@yahoo.com--September 18th 2001#CONDOLENCE TO MR BROCKMAN MORRIS

347#Bruno#bigtrix@katamail.com--September 18th 2001#Esprimo le mie più sentite condoglianze al grande Ben, ai suoi familiari ed amici.

348#Bo Johansson#dvboy40@hotmail.com--September 18th 2001#You will always be in my heart.

349#Ahmad Fauzi#knapen@tm.net.my--September 18th 2001#A Time For Everything.

There is a time for everything
And a season for every activity under heaven
A time to be born and a time to die
A time to paint and a time to uproot
A time to weep and a time to laugh
A time to mourn and a time to dance
A time to tear and a time to mend
A time to be silent and a time to speak.

** Dear precious BEN your was called to A House
Of Lord was not only a shocked to those ever
near you but as well as from far away including myself.
You will be deeply remembered, my dear Ben. You help me
alots in many way and nobody know that!

350#steve hurst#fine2378@cablespeed.com--September 18th 2001# I am so sorry to here about oure loss of ben. his was the first website I ever looked at when I got my computor. i have even talked to him. I will miss ben alot.
steve lohvymen@yahoo.com

351#steve Buxton#stevewildboy@webtv.net--September 18th 2001#I was vey sad to hear of his passing and I join with others to pray for him. The site was a great one and hopefully it will be back and running soon. teve

352#John#-#-#September 18th 2001#i will miss you baby...

353#Mitch#photomitch@hotmail.com--September 18th 2001#I'm Shocked to to get the bad news. I really enjoyed his site and the tribute he gave to my late lover Stuart.
He will be missed.

354#Jayb B.#jayb_3@hotmail.com--September 18th 2001#I'm missing You...
Exactly one day after my GREAT LOVE passed away...
"... like Tears in the rain..."

355#Don Lauderdale#donlauderdale@hotmail.com--September 18th 2001#Ben Boxer's web sites have always been some of my favorites. He will be sorely missed by many.

356#cuddles#cuddlecity@excite.com--September 19th 2001#Viewed this site after a long time (though I am an addict) and was SHOCKED to find that he was no more.

I am sure I am one of the thousands that nursed a huge crush on him

tonnes of condolences to his partner Ron.


357#guy from hong kong#daddy_longdick@hongkong.com--September 19th 2001#What a shock !
We'll all miss you, Ben.

With Love

358#Hal Williams#bad_ss40@hotmail.com#: http://profiles.yahoo.com/bad_ss40 #September 19th 2001#So sorry to here of Ben's passing. He will be missed by all who knew him and had visited his fantastic websites.
God keeps him near.
we love you Ben.

359#Teddy--#September 19th 2001#I am shocked to hear of Ben's passing. I hope he is well in heaven. God bless...

360#Will#Sinsirship@aol.com--September 19th 2001#I truly admired what he did for all of us. His character was reflected through his remarkable efforts, interests, and enthusiam.

361#Juan Carlos & Paco#pampo@hotmail.com--September 19th 2001#We are very sorry for you, Ron.
Ben was a wonderful man who did make life better for many others.
We write from Madrid (Spain) and "lo echamos mucho de menos" (we miss him a lot)

362#Bill McCormick#Wallenmac!@aol.com--September 19th 2001#I, like many, will dearly miss the fantastic man I never met in person. These computers do bring good people together.

363#Rob--#September 19th 2001#Dear Ron,
My deepest condolence goes out to you as well as the many of us who can´t believe that we lost another hero.
The day he was born was a rainy day because heaven lost one of it's angels.
Now they have him back.
Take care and god bless
Rob - Germany

364#Michael Donnan#tetsuo3@zdnetmail.com--September 20th 2001#Truly a great man that had a vision. I can only imagine the number of people that Ben brought together. I will miss his presence in the Wired (Internet).

Sincerely and Heartfelt,

Michael Donnan
Chicago, IL

365#Fabrizio Fulvio Fausto Fiale#fff-fiale@libero.it#utenti.tripod.it/silverfoxes#September 20th 2001#Mi dispiace enormemente.
L'ho saputo solo oggi, ed e' stato un duro colpo.
Mi associo al tuo dolore, come a quello di tutti quelli che l'hanno stimato, e penso siano in molti.
Ciao Ben. Grazie.

366#Osito5505#osito5505@hotmail.com#come.to/osito#September 20th 2001#this is very sad, i really liked him...
my condolences to everyone who had such luck as knowing him... i dreamed about it
bear hugs

367#Pal Joey#ja9876@hotmail.com--September 20th 2001#Dear Ron, My heart goes out to you. May God give you the strength to carry on with Ben's dreams and ambitions that have uplifeted so many of us. I've been where you are and pray that you receive the strength to carry on. Believe me, it will come but it takes time, faith and fond memories. I pray for you to have these things.

368#kamol#kungsupras@aol.com--September 20th 2001#you'll be in my memory for a long long time, you were a great artist, writer, humanit-
-arian and very broad-minded
person whom i knew.

369#Keith#hbh@execulink.com#n/a#September 20th 2001#I miss Ben's vivacity, honesty, humour, fairness and sensitivity. I feel as though I have lost a friend. My heart and prayers go out to you Ron.Take care.

370#Seaclown#seaclown@hotmail.com--September 20th 2001#Ben lives in the waves of the light which have embraced our eyes. Ben lives in the shores of our lives which he visited with his warm and loving ship.

371#david j. knighten#grimskul@hotmail.com--September 20th 2001#IT WAS ALWAYS A JOY TO SEE THE DIVERSITY OF HIS WORK

372#jojopj#dugong2603@lovemail.com--September 21st 2001#sorry ron to hear of ben passing i was shock to hear aboutr it. well life is like that you never know when you gonna go but then it is the memory which will live on.
good luck to ytou ron and may god rest his soul

373#Bud Hubert#bhubert@ccio.com--September 21st 2001#We will all miss him, especially now. He always had a special insight into lives and situations.

374#ajay#aamirkhan16@rediffmail.com--September 21st 2001#His love is still around us

375#Harold B.#pontiacgto@usxchange.net--September 21st 2001#You have my sympathy. Hope you keep the site going Ron I have had a lot of fun and satisfaction on it. Take care, Ben will always be in my heart. Harold


377#milton bergthold#frank@theworks.com--September 21st 2001#I only briefly knew Ben, but he was an inspiration to everyone who met or chatted with him. He will be missed.

378#roscoe#roscoedogggg@excite.com--September 21st 2001#sorry to hear the news

379#florian#florianbp@ole.com--September 21st 2001#Adios amigo.

380#Dave#damalste@gateway.net--September 21st 2001#Ron,
My sincerest condolences. Like many, I didn't know him, but his writings and stories left an impact with me that will never be forgoten.
He will be truly missed. Take care of yourself.

Dave S.

381#coco#holalawo@263.net--September 21st 2001#Please accept my sincere condolences

382#Tony#president@allgaylinx.com#http://www.allgaylinx.com#September 21st 2001#Ben, I know that you are loving your new peaceful life with the Lord. We wont ever forget you!

383#Alex#agroab0131@yahoo.com--September 22nd 2001#I \'m so sorry, He helped me to posted one message that changed my whole life, I\'m still in the closet in a SouthAmerica Country, but I always gonna remember him.
Thanks for ll Ben, and Ron please keep doing his way. It\'s a nice road to follow.

384#kevin and roy icenogle#tenyrtoge@aol.com--September 22nd 2001#we are both so sorry to hear about ben passing away. we both have been admirers of his site for the last year. hope you will be ok.
be careful.
kevin and roy

385#Paul K#benbox@pkracing.co.uk--September 22nd 2001#Although we never met Ben was a star and guiding light in the black hole of the www when I first clicked on. He will be missed so much.
condolences to his family.

386#giancarlo#giancarlo214@interfree.it--September 22nd 2001#Le più sincere e sentite condoglianze anche da me, Ron.Sono dispiaciuto per questa perdita.Giancarlo from Italy.

387#Rob#rbbearmd@aol.com--September 22nd 2001#You are in my thoughts and prayers.

388#steve#ruralman@onebox.com--September 22nd 2001#will miss you greatly.

389#Ashland#texasbear4u@hotmail.com--September 22nd 2001#I just wanted to say thank you ben for all you have done to entertain us. You will always be missed on the net, in our hearts, and in our world.

390#Egydio Colombo Filho#colombo@sili.com.br--September 22nd 2001#My condolences for the lost of this great web master, that was liked here in Brazil.

391#Dave#damalste@gateway.net--September 23rd 2001#Ron,
My sincerest condolences. Like many, I didn\'t know him, but his writings and stories left an impact with me that will never be forgoten.
He will be truly missed. Take care of yourself.

Dave S.

Ben Boxer - Founder
1934 - 2001